Friday, October 29, 2010

Having a Wife

Having a Wife
by Michael A Gelb
What does it mean to have a wife
For me it was someone to share my life

Someone to love and protect everyday
To love and cherish in everyway

To have loved in the life we did share
To love so much and so much to care

In my heart to feel her touch
Having children and grandchildren to love so much

You will always be in my life
Till the end of time you are my wife

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life's Unfair

Life’s Unfair
by Michael A Gelb

A husband and wife grow old together
You think and hope it will last forever

When you hear of children getting hurt
You hope it’s only a little fall in the dirt

So many accidents happen because of a drunk driver
Why is the drunk the only survivor

Parents hurt the children they love
Men hurt the women they should love

Some rich and famous do wrong and get a pass
Up and up goes the price for gas

The elderly get mugged and beat
Some people are hurt and left lying in the street

Women and children are molested
Children that are not protected

Men that are considered a deadbeat
People that are forced to live on the street

Children that are terribly ill
Parents can’t pay the bill

So much more of life is unfair
Lots of people that don’t care

Monday, October 18, 2010

Message to Mom

Message to Mom
By Michael A Gelb

Hi mom listen to what I have to say
I will be sending something your way

Keep a look out for a balloon
A message I will send soon

Your favorite color was blue
That’s the color I will send to you

You’ve been gone just a few years
When you passed I had tears

We love and miss you your daughter and I
It’s not easy for a mother to die

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Message in Flight

Message in Flight
by Michael A Gelb

A fellow from my group had told me
It was something that touched me

He told me about something for his wife
About releasing a balloon honoring her life

I thought I would do it for my wife
Write messages how she’s missed from my life

I love you Joey I wrote on the balloon
I kissed it and let it go up towards the moon

It went up and up into the sky
I did my best not to cry

I watched it take flight
I watched it go out of sight

The balloon went up to my wife
I will be with her at the end of my life

Up above my wife waits
Till I get to heavens gates

Friday, October 8, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

That first day he took his own room
He doesn’t want anyone in there
Especially to sweep with a broom

From day one he’s been housebroken
He barks at me like crazy
If he were human he would be outspoken

When it comes to rodents he is daring
He’s gotten slower and other losses
One being his hearing

He has lost some of his sight
He won’t go down the stairs
I have to turn on a light

About his nose for him to smell
When I take out food
It’s like I rang a dinner bell

He won’t leave me out of his sight
He follows me around the house
He must be with me day and night

He likes outside in the cold
He dislikes summer
My dog now at 15 years old

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting Old

Getting old
by Michael A Gelb

When I was young I never thought about getting old
The years have past and I still hate the cold

When I was young I didn’t ever think
My life could pass by in just a blink

Now I’m one of the old men
It’s a big change from way back when

Some days it can be hard to get dressed
It’s a little easier to get undressed

It can be hard to put on shoes
I also need to turn up the sound to hear the news

Driving can be hard for some of us
We give up the car and take the bus

What may be hardest is to go to bed with a friend
Hoping to make it to the end