Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Special Flight

A Special Flight
By joeys guy


This small and special hot air balloon

It will be leaving sometime soon

When the flight is full a bell will ring

That will be when you hear an Angel sing

Everyone enters into the basket

Heaven will be the exit

We take small groups of one hundred and eleven

We only go to Heaven

This flight has no age limit

For this trip any age can get on it

To take this trip you must have past away

Something happened that you died this very day

I’m sorry that you are on this flight

We take you to the light

You might meet someone that you once knew

Like someone who loved you

We may have lived for some years alone

I don’t believe that we ever die alone

We take this trip up to Heavens space

This would be the final resting place







In Dreams

In Dreams

By joeys guy
In dreams I can have it all

My wife and when my kids were small

In dreams I can bring back the years

To a time before all my tears

In dreams my wife would wait

Until I fall asleep even if I’m late

In dreams I can see my beautiful wife

Appearing to me from an earlier time of life

In dreams when my wife comes to me

She is young and pain free

In dreams I can relive my life

Showing more love for my wife

In dreams I can take her by the hand

I see she’s wearing her wedding band

In dreams I can hold her so very tight

I can hold her all through the night

In dreams we can touch and caress

Day or night my love for her is no less

In dreams I would ask her to give me more time and stay

Only till morning is what she would say

In dreams I don’t have any tears

Until morning when she disappears

At the end of night, here comes the daylight

All I can say is, in dreams I’ll see you tonight