Saturday, December 10, 2016

Believing in Santa

Believing in Santa

By Joeysguy

At home it was just my mother and me

When I was a child we had a Christmas tree

That tree was about two feet tall

It was on top of the fridge against the wall

Mom would say, you have to be a good boy

And Santa would leave you a new toy

Christmas Eve he would come but then disappear

And he wouldn’t come again till the following year

I found out why there was only one toy for me

Because my mom didn’t have much money

As a child there were things I never knew

I found out about Santa not being true

Having a family with kids and a wife

Again Santa was back in my life

Telling my kids go to bed and turn down the light

If you want Santa to come tonight

Even our dogs got a toy and a treat

It would be a ball and something to eat

My wife and I were able to give the kids more

Some from Santa, most from a store

It’s been years since Santa came by

The kids grew up and my dogs did die

I haven’t had a Christmas tree in my house

Since the year that I lost my spouse

When I’m older and in my second childhood

Santa will come if I’m good

I’m asking only for my wife

To be with me for the little time left of my life

I'ts Just A Band-Aid

It’s Just A Band-Aid 

By Joeysguy

When I was small my mother had some tricks

She would say the band-aid was a quick fix

Using a band-aid to cover a scrape or cut

Keeping out the dirt and any smut

Some places I have trouble putting a band-aid on 

It’s only me, my wife is gone                                    

Recently a wasp had stung me

Confused, I looked to my wife to help me

I then remembered she is not here

Not sure of what to do gave me a little scare

I can put a band-aid on anywhere in front of me

I can’t put it on my back a place I can’t see

My wife wanted a band-aid on my mouth

Even my daughters say I have a bigmouth

I wish my mom taught me her tricks

I would swallow a band-aid, my heart needs a fix

My Empty Eyes

My Empty Eyes

By Joeysguy

Years back living in a full house

With kids, dogs and a spouse

One daughter even had white rats

My other daughter with her cats

You had to be careful so as not to fall

All over would be toys, maybe a ball

At times I would help to put the kids to bed at night

Giving them a kiss before turning down the light

I would stand the kids against the wall

Placing marks to show them getting tall 

The kids were getting older and will move out one day

That day came and they did move away

It became hard for my wife to walk or stand

It would help when I would take her hand

One day my wife had passed on

My last two pets are also gone

I never thought I would lose my spouse

Now it’s emptiness that fills my house

Each time I enter a room

They are filled with gloom

Empty is a space in the bed we did share

Empty at the kitchen table is her chair

We were bound together by the words, I do

With wedding bands and saying I love you

My eyes are empty and I can’t see

I can’t see my wife in front of me

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

All I'm Worth

All I’m Worth 

By Joeysguy

Way back when on the day of my birth

I was born to parents of no worth

Over the years my worth had grown

It wasn’t anything that I did own

It was my greatest of value and  it’s worth

That was my wife and her giving birth

Being pregnant made my wife glow

With each pregnancy my worth did grow

My wife gave birth to two daughters and a son

After those three she was done

I’ll never lose any of my worth

In the future my grandchildren giving birth

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sounds of Water

Sounds of Water

By Joeysguy

My wife liked the sounds of running water

Running off the rocks into still water

So I built her a pond in the backyard

Digging up the dirt to discard

With the rocks piled all around

A waterfall on top of the mound

I guess from the waterfalls sound

A frog would always come around

My wife would clean the pond from slime

Leaves and dirt all the time 

Silence is so Loud

Silence is so loud

By Joeysguy

As a child a grownup would say

Silence is golden

And I should go off and play

Now as an adult in my life

Silence is so loud

Since I lost my wife

Purpose In Life

Purpose In Life 

By Joeysguy

I felt I had no purpose in life

Until meeting the girl who would be my wife

With a daughter being our first one

Another pregnancy and we had a son

Once again and another girl came along

Made my purpose very strong

That gave me a purpose everyday

To do what was needed in every way

Never thinking that after my kids were grown

I would lose my wife and be alone

My Vow

My Vow

By Joeysguy

I take this woman to be my wife

I will love her for all my life

In sickness and health

Being poor or having wealth

If she should die

      Before I

I hope I’m not far behind

Until then she’s in my mind

Me and My Pail

Me and My Pail

By Joeysguy

From birth my mom wiped away my tears

She did it into my childhood years

Growing up I stopped the crying
Until the day of my wife’s dying

I have this pail that no one can see

It’s invisible except to me

The pail is for the tears from my eyes

I won’t need the pail after my demise 

From My Wife

From My Wife

By Joeysguy

Many times I have said

It’s my wife who puts the poems in my head

So I believe these words are from my wife

She is telling me something of our next life

Our golden years had never started

Since years ago when she departed

Up here we will have our golden years

Together again without any tears

When the flame moves on the cande you light

It’s her waving to me at night

Those strange sounds that I hear

It’s my wife that she’s near

When I’m playing an old song

I try to listen if she’s singing along

She see’s the tears coming from my eyes

Wishing I would stop and dry my eyes

Closed Eyes

Closed Eyes

By Joeysguy

I close my eyes when I sleep

I open them in my dreams

Sleep for me is never deep

We close our eyes when we kiss

We open them with joy

And feel the bliss

We close our eyes when we die

We open them to see the way

Somebody will close their eyes to cry

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Marine

A Marine
By Joeysguy

This fellow at the age of twenty
A Marine he became to be
He was no different than any other Marine
He stood proud, he stood tall and he was lean 
He vowed
That he would make his family proud
After finishing his training he was hurt        
An accident left him bleeding, broken, and in the dirt
Was someone watching over him that day
People wishing him well with lots of kind words to say
Off to the hospital where doctors put him under the knife 
He had a few set backs, he’s learning new ways of life
He lost the ability as a Marine to go and fight
For a new career he has something else in sight
So many people’s hearts he had won   
Everyone is so proud he’s far from done
Not much matters when it comes to size
He still stands tall in our eyes
I know he has more to give and he’s not done
I know this, because he’s our grandson
We wish him much love
From one of us here and one of us from above

I Do, But Now Do I

I Do, But Now Do I
By Joeysguy

I gave up being single and free
To have the love of Joey
I proposed  and she said yes I will marry you
On our wedding day we both said I do
After so many years I lost you
Not knowing now what do I do
Why do I hurt so bad
Why do I feel so mad
How do I ever go on
I can’t get passed you being gone
Do I give your stuff away
Do I move or do I stay
Do I remove my wedding band
Do I take it off or move it to the other hand
I feel people don’t understand what I’m going through
Until it happens to them they have no clue
Together we started with the words I do
I hate this going on without you
Do I ever stop with the tears
I do love you, and for the rest of my years

When The Light Goes Out

When The Light Goes Out
By Joeysguy   
Lighting a candle helps me to see more
I see things I didn’t see before 
Just little things that I couldn’t see
Some now have meaning to me
In the stillness of air, why does the flame flicker
It moves from side to side and looks bigger
I can feel the warmth of the candle and see it glow
As the wax melts the flame would grow
When day ends and night falls
The candles shadow is on the walls
I light the candles for my wife
Another way of honoring our life
My wife’s pictures would shimmer and shine 
In my mind to me she is still mine
The candle flames can be very bright
To me the flame dances when I look at the light
That dancing light is what I see    
I want to think that it’s dancing for me
I will be with my wife, I have no doubt
One day when the light goes out

Ways To An End

Ways To An End
By Joeysguy

On the day that I lost my wife
I stopped caring about my own life
Because of my sleep disorder it may happen in bed
I might stop breathing and wind up dead
A car going through the stop sign onto my street from Squire 
That could be another way that I could expire
Maybe from pains in my chest
And I go to the hospital for a test
Or the next time I fall off the ladder on my head
The EMT comes and says that I’m dead
Or just one of those big trees
When it falls under a winters breeze
A really bad accident with my car
And EMT can’t get to me to give CPR
Or a boulder coming down from a hill
Or just maybe one night from an extra pill
I could be in my car one night
When out of the dark comes a light
I’m driving down the roadway
And that light is moving fast and coming my way
I scream out that I’m going to die
Crash into the windshield was a freaking firefly 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Kiss

The Kiss
By Joeysguy
Meeting for the first time under the moonlight
I leaned over and kissed her on that summer night

That kiss was in a loving way
It led to us seeing each other every day

That was how our feelings were started
I went into the relationship wholehearted

Skipping past the years that have gone by
To a time of now that brings a tear from my eye 

I saw her when I looked through the door
She was passed out on the bathroom floor

I grabbed the phone and called nine one one
The operator told me what must be done

I was giving her mouth to mouth with my breath 
Trying to revive her and hoping to keep her from death

The ambulance came and took her away
At the hospital she died that very day

I was with her as she laid on the table
I was broken and very unstable

It was so hard leaving her and walking away
The last kiss, I think it was that day