Tuesday, March 8, 2011

God for a Day

God for a day
By Michael A Gelb

If I could be God for just a day
To do things my way

I would eliminate disease from the earth
So children would not be sick at birth

When children are healthy
Parents feel wealthy

Children should have protection
Also learn the right direction

Women have inner beauty and love
They need attention from above

I would also save the past
So some memories and things could last

I probably won’t be God for a day
But I wish these would come true anyway

Friday, March 4, 2011

Levels of Pain

Levels of pain
By Michael A Gelb

Pain at a level of one
It’s mild and almost none

Some pain levels can match
Like a splinter and a scratch

A fall or a broken bone
Can make a person yell or moan

If you gain some weight
That can be a painful state

Even at the level of a ten
Pain differs between women and men

The death of a love has tears
That’s the worst and can last many years