Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prints of LOve

Prints of Love

By (Joeysguy) Michael A Gelb

Loving someone from the start

Leaves an imprint in your heart

That imprint of someone you love

In your mind of someone who’s now up above

Maybe something that they left behind

Brings back memories in your mind

That someone who passed and left a mark

An imprint we can even see in the dark

Maybe just something we found

It might just be a foot print on the ground

The memories of time that has passed by

It might make you tear up and even cry

Just a hand print on a wall

Might be a thought that you recall

From your memories of a time you knew

They always have meaning to you

Looking at a picture of your love and you

Leaving an imprint of that day you said I do

Could some imprints be from above

As a kiss to someone they love

Yes It's Love

Yes It’s Love

By Michael A Gelb (Joeysguy)

When you can’t take your eyes off of someone

Did their face glow like the sun

On the first time that your hands did touch

Did your body tingle and you felt that inner rush

After that first time that you kissed

That separation, that feeling of something missed

That special someone is always in your mind

You don’t want to leave them far behind

Every time that person is around

Do you feel your heart pound

Your heart races so very fast

It’s a feeling that you want to last

For that person you want to do so much

To keep close and always in touch

The time comes to let them go

You release them ever so slow

You tried to protect them from any harm

They die and slip away from your arm

You want to be with them in that other life

This could have been your husband or your wife

With that person now in the heaven above

Your feelings still, yes it’s love