Sunday, June 22, 2014

Paper Rose

Paper Rose
By Joeysguy

Many years ago when I was short of money

Thinking of a gift to give my honey

Something inexpensive, like a single rose

With the meaning and feeling that it shows

Just a couple of dollars I think that would be okay                                                                          

As a gift from my heart for that day

In that single rose, that I bought                                                                      

With my love being the thought

    I have roses growing outside my house

In the memory and love to my spouse

From some of the thorns that are on the stems

My blood was drawn and looks like little gems

I need a rose that is so very light                                     

It has to be special for a flight

I can now give her this kind of a rose                                  

With all my love that it shows

The rose has to be without a thorn

So the balloon doesn’t burst while airborne

Higher and higher to my wife it goes                                                                              

A balloon that carries, a paper rose