Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Holding Back A Tear

Holding Back A Tear
By Joeysguy
At the bereavement group that I attend
It’s a place we don’t have to pretend
We hear stories of emotion and pain
Pretending here has nothing to gain
People come here in a sad way
Because of a life that had slipped away
Some people sit here with tears in their eyes
We all know that pain of when a love dies
With the stories that we hear
It’s hard to hold back a tear
Everyone here has lost a love
Taken from us to the heaven above
It’s always hard to keep a dry eye
Being here any of us may cry
We heard of a rock giving strength in ones life
For me it’s this group and the poems to my wife
The feeling of normal was asked of me
That normal in my life will never again be
People outside can act different as we know
We may hold back our feelings so as not to show
So this is the place we can be true
To ourselves and to each of you