Saturday, December 25, 2010

Times Change

Times Change
By Michael A Gelb

I was born in the year 1940
Growing up I was a little naughty

I was a little scared
To really be bad

We started to see many strangers
People reacted to different dangers

My mother and her friends stopped the late night talks
People were being more careful during walks

My mother and friends started locking doors
We seen protective gates going up on the local stores

My family and I lived in New York City
Things became worse and not to pretty

Garbage thrown in the yard and the street
By people that were not clean or neat

Women could not walk by men without words
Men would make sounds like chirping birds

After a few years of worry for my kids and wife
We moved from the city and started a new life

Little Dog

Little Dog
By Michael A Gelb

This last Mothers day
My wife’s little dog passed away

Holly was my wife’s little love
Both now are in the heaven above

Holly did not like the cold
Poor Holly only ten years old

I miss my wife so much
I also miss that little dog’s touch

I just had to adopt a little dog for me
This little dog named Maggie

Monday, December 20, 2010

Same Tour

Same Tour
By Michael A Gelb

The worst thing of my life
Is grieving over the loss of my wife

Our lives maybe set in stone
But our future is unknown

Were born, we live and then we die
Our loves are left behind to cry

We suffer and we grieve
With different feelings I believe

We grieve in our own way
Some of us may cry day after day

Many days are full of sorrow
We always hope it will be better tomorrow

Life is a revolving door
Around and around we take the same tour

Love List

Love List
By Michael A Gelb

This is my love list
Joey was my wife
She is gone and very much missed

My daughter Barbara was our first one
Then came my son James
My daughter Patricia the third one

Grandchildren are Megan and Alexandra
Boys are Nickolas and Connor
Back to girls Jacquelyn and Samantha

My kids in law I almost missed
Robert, Christopher and Suzanna
And my dog finished the list

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Past

Christmas past
By Michael A Gelb

We always had a Christmas tree
My wife would decorate it without me

So many gifts by the tree
No empty space could you see

Our little ones would crawl all around
They would try climbing the gift mound

Year after year on Christmas morning
Kids tearing open gifts and I’m yawning

The kids woke early on Christmas day
We told the kids your older so go away

With the years going by
We could sleep longer my wife and I

Now since its just me
No more do I need a Christmas tree

My kids now grown and they see
What its like to do the Christmas tree

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Joey

Happy Birthday Joey
By Michael A Gelb

I hope this will get to my wife
Your gone but never from my life

A birthday poem to you my dear
I wish you will always be near

Just a few words I want to say
I love you so much only everyday

I will send you a message on a balloon
Watch for it, look towards the moon

One day you will come for me
Until then happy birthday Joey

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Heavens Gate

Heavens Gate
By Michael A Gelb

All through life we may move slow
Not like watching the grass grow

At times were in a hurry
We don’t stop or slowdown to worry

When we get older we do slowdown
Our skin may wrinkle and look like a frown

The only time were never late
When were going up to heavens gate

A Fathers Right

A Fathers Right
By Michael A Gelb

Many times between my children and I
We wouldn’t always see eye to eye

They would tell me when I’m wrong
Or sometimes I might take to long

They sometimes get mad when I but in
I remind them that where all kin

I tell them in my way
I love them every day

It’s a fathers right
To love his children with all his might

Monday, December 6, 2010

Filled Heart

Filled Heart
By Michael A Gelb

It’s coming up on two years
My eyes still fill with tears

I keep thinking back at my life
Did I do all I could for my wife

When I met my future wife it was a new start
I found someone that filled my heart

My wife never asked for much
I loved her more with every touch

When I would touch her face
It was soft and delicate like a fine lace

When she passed, my heart was torn out
Sometimes I cry and I might even shout

At night when I go to bed
Thoughts of my wife fill my head

I would like to see a sign
That her love will forever be mine

How many times I’ve said I miss you
I wish I could again say the words I do

I love to dream of my wife
That’s the way I relive my life

I say to my wife if reincarnation is true
Go slow my love so I can catch up to you

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights
By Michael A Gelb

My son lives in Florida with his spouse
I was visiting them at their house

On my last day in the warm sunlight
He was outside hanging a Christmas light

I walked outside and my eyes started to tear
Because my wife is no longer hear

I always disliked hanging Christmas lights
Early comes the winter days and nights

My wife would always give me directions
On how to hang the decorations

I now miss hearing my wife say
No don’t do it that way

I didn’t always take her advice
To hear her now would really be nice

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


By Michael A Gelb

Sorry for the arguments we’ve had
Especially those that were bad

Sorry for things asked of me
When you did something I couldn’t see

Sorry that I always seem mad
Losing my wife I’m angry and sad

Sorry I may hear things in the wrong way
And how something wrong I might say

Sorry to know my children are grown
Because I have to let them be on their own

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unfinished life

Unfinished life
By Michael A Gelb

Joey was the girl that I married
For the years my name she carried

We made a family my wife and I
When she passed I did cry

What will be with the rest of my life
Someday again to be with my wife

I would like to say to my wife thank you
Also again to say I do

I wish she was here to see
What our grandchildren will grow to be

From a young girl to a woman to my wife
She’s gone and left an unfinished life


By Michael A Gelb

What is the meaning for the word trigger
To me the meaning is some what bigger

Many things I could share
It’s a meaning that can bring on a tear

To some of us it could be a word
For some it might be a bird

Maybe a dog or a cat
Or maybe just a place we are at

Something that reminds me of my wife
I may cry or be mad or just hate my life

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fear No More

Fear no more
by Michael A Gelb

I always thought of the day I would die
To say that I wasn’t afraid would be a lie

Since my wife is gone who I love and adore
So now to die I fear no more

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Precious Things

Precious things
by Michael A Gelb

Finding out a father I was to become
My love, my wife to become a mom

In time being a father of three
They would be precious things to me

As a father I gave it my best
Protecting them in our little nest

Now my little three are all grown
They have precious things of their own

The most precious things in life
Your family, your children, your wife

Monday, November 8, 2010

Moments in Time

Moments in Time
by Michael A Gelb

For more than half of my life
I was married to my darling wife

Truly my first love was she
I hope she still loves me

I loved and protected my wife
So much I would give my life

Some special moments we did share
It’s the time and emptiness now I fear

Right from the start
I was hers she owned my heart

In my daughters I can see my wife
But it doesn’t fill the void in my life

The painful days of December will be here
Her birthday and Christmas they share

January was the month she passed
How long will this pain last

Friday, October 29, 2010

Having a Wife

Having a Wife
by Michael A Gelb
What does it mean to have a wife
For me it was someone to share my life

Someone to love and protect everyday
To love and cherish in everyway

To have loved in the life we did share
To love so much and so much to care

In my heart to feel her touch
Having children and grandchildren to love so much

You will always be in my life
Till the end of time you are my wife

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life's Unfair

Life’s Unfair
by Michael A Gelb

A husband and wife grow old together
You think and hope it will last forever

When you hear of children getting hurt
You hope it’s only a little fall in the dirt

So many accidents happen because of a drunk driver
Why is the drunk the only survivor

Parents hurt the children they love
Men hurt the women they should love

Some rich and famous do wrong and get a pass
Up and up goes the price for gas

The elderly get mugged and beat
Some people are hurt and left lying in the street

Women and children are molested
Children that are not protected

Men that are considered a deadbeat
People that are forced to live on the street

Children that are terribly ill
Parents can’t pay the bill

So much more of life is unfair
Lots of people that don’t care

Monday, October 18, 2010

Message to Mom

Message to Mom
By Michael A Gelb

Hi mom listen to what I have to say
I will be sending something your way

Keep a look out for a balloon
A message I will send soon

Your favorite color was blue
That’s the color I will send to you

You’ve been gone just a few years
When you passed I had tears

We love and miss you your daughter and I
It’s not easy for a mother to die

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Message in Flight

Message in Flight
by Michael A Gelb

A fellow from my group had told me
It was something that touched me

He told me about something for his wife
About releasing a balloon honoring her life

I thought I would do it for my wife
Write messages how she’s missed from my life

I love you Joey I wrote on the balloon
I kissed it and let it go up towards the moon

It went up and up into the sky
I did my best not to cry

I watched it take flight
I watched it go out of sight

The balloon went up to my wife
I will be with her at the end of my life

Up above my wife waits
Till I get to heavens gates

Friday, October 8, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

That first day he took his own room
He doesn’t want anyone in there
Especially to sweep with a broom

From day one he’s been housebroken
He barks at me like crazy
If he were human he would be outspoken

When it comes to rodents he is daring
He’s gotten slower and other losses
One being his hearing

He has lost some of his sight
He won’t go down the stairs
I have to turn on a light

About his nose for him to smell
When I take out food
It’s like I rang a dinner bell

He won’t leave me out of his sight
He follows me around the house
He must be with me day and night

He likes outside in the cold
He dislikes summer
My dog now at 15 years old

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting Old

Getting old
by Michael A Gelb

When I was young I never thought about getting old
The years have past and I still hate the cold

When I was young I didn’t ever think
My life could pass by in just a blink

Now I’m one of the old men
It’s a big change from way back when

Some days it can be hard to get dressed
It’s a little easier to get undressed

It can be hard to put on shoes
I also need to turn up the sound to hear the news

Driving can be hard for some of us
We give up the car and take the bus

What may be hardest is to go to bed with a friend
Hoping to make it to the end

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going Home

Going Home
by Michael A Gelb

I’ve heard it said that heaven is home
Is it true, is heaven considered home

If heaven is home I’ll be there some day
When will that day be I can’t really say

Lots of people there I will see
Only a few are waiting for me

I’ve had many dogs with me here
I guess I will see them again up there

My mother is waiting and so is my wife
I’ll be going home at the end of this life

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joey's Guy

Joey’s guy
by Michael A Gelb

In 1962 my girlfriend changed my life
When she said I do and became my wife

My girlfriend taught me how to kiss
From girlfriend to wife to someone I terribly miss

We were married and brought together
I wanted us to be as one forever

We had two daughters and a son
After three children we were done

At times we use to take the kids to the park
It was something we didn’t do after dark

My wife passed without a goodbye
And to this day I could still cry

I look at pictures of my wife
That’s all I will have for the rest of my life

I can remember kissing her hand
Now on a neck chain I kiss her wedding band

She raised her family with love
Now my wife is in heaven above

At times my poems make me cry
They help me to be Joey’s guy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

American Brave

American Brave
by Michael A Gelb

To our brave for over all the years
For you some of us have shed tears
To you servicemen and women, who served and still serve
I say thank you, which you greatly deserve
You fight to protect our American way
You put your life on the line everyday
You protect the colors of our flag
Some of you come home in a body bag
You protect our flag of stripes and stars
Some of you come home with battle scars
Included are the people of 9/11 who died
The volunteers, the relatives and the people cried
I’m sorry to the families of the brave
Their sons and daughters who’s life they gave
We are Americans of this great country
Again thanks to all the Military

Why I Volunteer at Meals on Wheels

Why I Volunteer at Meals on Wheels
by Michael A Gelb

Why I volunteer at Meals on Wheels,
I do it to help people receive meals.
I had to get a photo id
This is for the people’s safety
At first I thought of it as just something to do
After that first day I realized that wasn’t true
I deliver a meal to the elderly and I do it with care
Some of the elderly may be in a wheelchair
The hot food is carried in a hot insulated bag
The cold food is carried in a cold insulated bag
It’s a good feeling to volunteer
The people appreciate that we care
I knock at the door and yell hello
I also check on them before I go
A stranger had said to me, thank you
She was thanking me for what I do
It’s a good feeling to volunteer
This is something we Americans do to show we care

Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree
By Michael A Gelb

After we were married and Christmas would come near,
We would go buy a tree and my wife would dress it with care.
All through the holidays it stood straight and tall,
After the holidays I would drag it out through the hall.
I would drag it through the hall and down the stairs,
Balls and lights breaking all the way, but who cares.
My wife would ask, are you crazy,
I would say no this way was easy and I was just lazy.
Year after year buying a new tree, new lights and balls,
End of the season and there I go dragging the tree through the halls.
When we moved to our own home we had a tree for Christmas day,
End of the season I opened the door and out went the tree the same old way.
My wife and daughters said I was crazy and no more,
No more will a tree go out the door.
The next year there was a fake tree on Christmas day,
After the season they told me to keep away.
The family would say how crazy and about the extra money,
My only thought that it was funny.
So every Christmas stands a fake tree,
No more trees out the door by me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Death Door

Deaths Door
by Michael A Gelb

Every night I go to bed,
I could have one last thought in my head.

I have sleep apnea where I can lose my breath,
One night it could be the cause of my death.

There was a time my wife would hear my gasping for air,
My wife would roll me over or wake me out of fear.

Now alone without my wife,
Any night could be an end to my life.

I’m not afraid if I should die,
We will be together again my wife and I.

No one to hear me gasp or hear me snore,
No one here to keep me from deaths door.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

I can only write this from a male side
As a husband and father with pride.
After a man and a woman say the words I do
You may be thinking of children to.
After your wife gets pregnant thinking of a girl or boy
At the end of the term you will have a bundle of joy.
Children need love and care so does your wife
Whatever the cost from your own life.
Take care of your wife, and your children also
With a great deal of love and support they will grow.
A good way to write your future is in your name
Treat them right and good and they will do the same.
Children are what we need
Without children no reason to succeed.
Lost money, dropped candy you can replace
How do you do wrong and look into your child’s face.
Do good things treat your family well and be proud
Your children will love you and see you glow in a crowd.
Children are beautiful and fragile and small
With your help and love they will grow strong and tall.
You should protect the children from that first day
Your children should be loved and should grow up okay.
If you’re a good father as good as you can be
Your children should be as proud of you as they can be.
Time can pass by so fast like in the blink of an eye
Before you know it time will pass by.
Your children will carry you into the future
Your children are your future.


by Michael A Gelb

Why let yourself get pregnant and put a hold on your life
Why not wait till your older and become a wife.

Life could be better for you if you stay in school
Listen to your parents and follow their rule.

Life could pass you by if you become a young mother
You may lose your friends to another.

Why let a guy change the future or your life
He may just leave you to go enjoy his life.

When the time comes and your baby is due.
Will that baby’s daddy be there for you.

Will he support you and your child
Will he go to another girl and child.

Being married, misses would be your proper title
Baby’s mama is what kind of title.

Being called a baby’s mama in your life
Better sounding words are a mother and a wife.

Having a husband you could have a better life
Think of your future as husband and wife.

Cycle of My Life

The Cycle of My Life
by Michael A Gelb

The Cycle of my Life
January fifth was the month I lost my wife
February brings Valentines Day
A gift with love I did say.
April seventh is our Anniversary
The month and day she married me.
April brings Easter Sunday
May brings Mother’s Day.
October thirty first is Halloween
When kids would dress in costumes to be seen.
November brings Thanksgiving and is the fourth Thursday
December eighteen is my wife’s birthday.
December twenty fifth is Christmas Day
It was my wife’s favorite holiday.
January first is New Years
Just another day of maybe no tears.
It starts all over again my cycle of life
Over and over again the pain without my wife.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

I sit at my computer staring at the screen
Looking back at me is this beautiful slender blonde with blue eyes
It’s the woman I was married to for so many years
For all our years her hands were up and between them she held my heart
Her hands are now empty and down at her side
Now that my heart is back inside it feels pain

Graduation Alex (Granddaughter)

by Michael A Gelb

Graduation day comes every year
With joy, happiness and even a tear
You’re a tall slender red head
As pretty as can be and with that said
Your getting older and you will leave
We say goodbye and in you we believe
How proud we all are
With schooling and study you will go far
With love in our heart
A new venture you will start
Stay safe and be careful being on your own
We love and will miss you even if your grown


by Michael A Gelb

When you meet your girl and fall in love
It is do to cupid’s arrow shot from above
Your future should be in steps in life
You have fallen in love and asked her to be your wife
Your wife looks so pretty and it was a great marriage
When you have a child be proud when you’re pushing the carriage
As a man to make a child is easy
To turn your back and walk away is no less than sleazy
What a wonderful feeling it is in life
Being a good father and to love your wife
It is a great feeling when a child calls you daddy
It is heart breaking when a child asks do I have a daddy
It is hard enough on a child when a father dies
It is worse when the child has to grow up on lies
A father should do all he can for his family
Earn respect and love and to be the best he could be
Be a good man love your kids and love your wife
These are the best ingredients to make a good life
Why I go to bereavement groups
by Michael A Gelb

I had a loss in my life
I lost a mother and also a wife
It hurts so badly when people die and they are gone
I was told a bereavement group might help me to move on
We sit and we talk about our lost love
How we miss them and we know they’re in the heavens above
We all can come together because of the pain we all share
We can relate to each other with passion and how much we care
Talking about the past, which now is a memory in our life
Were not sure of our future that will be for the rest of our life
We now have large changes in our life
Someone may have lost a parent, a child, a sibling, a husband or a wife
It’s our group that knows our loss and our pain
At times our friends or family might think were not sane
Someone may say something that would bring us to smile
That’s something that happens every once in a while
We try to get by the sorrow
If not today then maybe tomorrow
Maybe after time and lots of tears
Just maybe we might find another love that cares

Monday, July 5, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

Why should a man marry
Not only your name will she carry
What about the love she has for you
You must have feelings for her to
You can really make her heart sing
Ask her to marry you and give her a ring
It has to make you feel good that she will be in your heart
When she says yes and a new family you will start
You set the date then comes that day
Now that day is here and the words I do you both say
Now that she has your last name
Your wife and your kids will share something the same
Some days will probably go by
You will argue and you will make her cry
Stop to think don’t let bad words tear your love apart
It may just take a few kind words and kiss for a new start
In years to come you will feel good
The way a father and husband should
You will be proud your last name will carry on
Your kids will be grown, get married and move on
Your kids will still call you dad
That’s a great feeling a great family is never bad
Don’t let things and time go by to fast
Try to make everything and every minute last

Saturday, July 3, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

Here is another poem I would like to share
July fourth is again here
Our flag colors are red white and blue
If you don’t like us you know what you can do
Americans we are
The best by far
It’s a disgrace for any American Government or State
To boycott Arizona is un-American and promoting hate

Friday, July 2, 2010

Keep Them Safe

Keep Them Safe
by Michael A Gelb

I was born in New York City
It wasn’t safe nor was it pretty
That’s where I spent my young adult life
I realized it wasn’t safe for my children or my wife
There was always that threat of danger
I didn’t want my family victimized by a stranger
I packed them up and sent them to a New Jersey town
We bought a house on a street that part of the name is brown
Life went well and my kids are now grown
All my kids now have a family and house of their own

Thinking Back

by Michael A Gelb 10

When we were young and before she was my wife
I didn’t know she was going to be the love of my life
I miss those special times that we had
I miss all the times so very bad
I don’t know where I found a talent to write poems late in my life
It must come from the woman I loved who was my wife
Over the years we have had arguments and called each other names
Like little kids playing silly games
In a picture of my wife the sun shines in her hair and makes it glow
To me she looks like my loving angel with a halo
Thinking back on our first pregnancy
That was hard for my wife and me
Some times she had morning sickness
At times she had made a mess
In that nine month period of time
She had fallen for the third time
My heart was divided in quarters
My wife my son and my two daughters
I think my heart will become whole
That day that my wife takes my soul

Friday, June 25, 2010

Joey Poem (2)

To My Joey and Children
by Michael A Gelb

I have made many mistakes in my life
Except the day I took a wife
From that came the pitter patter of six little feet
That truly made my life complete
The days I hate are your birthdays I believe
Because you get older and so you will leave
I wish time would stop on Christmas day
So you would stay small to play and play
Before the day comes when you say goodbye
I hope that everything you want I could buy
As far as things for my wife
No hurry we have all of our life
The one thing I have plenty of
Is my wife and children I truly love
Love is the only thing I want from you
Forever and ever you will love me true
As a husband and father Im not the best
But how do I compare to all the rest
If anything should ever break us up
I think I would shatter like a cup
You all have a piece of my heart
Please, please do not tear it apart
I do not know what else to say
Except god protect my family everyday

Joey Poem (8)

by Michael A Gelb

I’m just a man with a broken heart trying to show love
To the woman who I lost and is now in the heaven above
I think back when we met we shared a kiss
Now the days go by I think of my wife who I terribly miss
Life seems so very unfair
I was older but it’s my wife who is not here
All the years we were married I gave her all that I could
I gave her all my love and my heart the way a husband should
When special days and some holidays come near
It hurts more on these days that my wife and I no longer share
I wish I could remember everything from my past
I would burn my wife in my mind so it all would last
Over and over as the days go by
I try to get by with out a cry
Joey was my wife and now she is gone
I am finding my days so very hard to move on
On our wedding day some words I had said
I promised to always love her and with this ring I thee wed
We have two girls Barbara and Patricia are their names
Also their is our son his name is James
My wife was a tall and slender blonde with blue eyes
She loved me and I guess she was very wise

Joey Poem (7)

Joey 7
by Michael A Gelb

I wish I had the power to turn back time
I would go back to the day when my wife became mine
If I could have a wish, just one
I would back in time when I was married my age was
If I had the chance to relive my life
I would do it again with my same wife
In a pocket next to my heart are pictures of my wife
I will probably carry them for the rest of my life
My girl and I were young when me first met in life
She grew up to be a woman and became my wife
On that day we married she had a sparkle in her eye
No one could be happier than I
We were standing there and she looked so pretty
I felt as if I won first prize in a lottery
I have become more sensitive in these last years
A movie a song even a thought can bring on tears
I miss that weakness and love that was in my wife
Now it’s my weakness trying to go on with my life
On that last day I had no time to tell her I love her, or to
say good bye
I do find a lot of time for me to cry
When your married a long time you don’t realize the
little you know in your life
I found out how much when I lost my wife
On mother’s day my wife’s dog had died
She was a family member and I cried
My wife is my past, my children my present I lost my
future when I lost my wife
Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her in my life
I feel that I m honoring my wife
Writing poems about some of her life

Joey Poem (6)

Joey 6
by Michael A Gelb

JoAnn was the birth name of my wife
To me Joey was her name for a lot of our married life

One of the best things anyone could ask for in life
Is to have a good and loving wife

When it comes time for me to pass no matter day or night
I hope and pray that my wife will be my guiding light

I did not complement my wife as much as I could of
But with all my heart I gave her my love

My wife is in heaven watching over our family
Hoping we could be the best we could be

I am now living by myself and on my own
I have my dogs and my family but I feel alone

I never thought I knew how bad pain could ever be
Until my wife died and left me

At times my wife lets me know she is near
She turns off the picture frame to let me know she is here

On a chain around my neck I wear my wife’s wedding band
I also still wear mine on the finger of my left hand

To anyone who reads this poem
Do not let the time with your family go
Everything is gone before you know

Joey Poem (5)

Joey 5
by Michael A Gelb

I loved my wife and I still do with all my heart
Now that she is gone in my chest is missing a big part

My wife would get upset with me because at her I would stare
I would say to her because I love you and that shows how I care

Over the years she was my wife, my friend and my lover
It is so hard now and I will never love for another

When I lost my wife I lost so much
No more kisses no more holding hands no more will we touch

My wife is up in heaven above
I hope she can still feel all my love

When I see people kissing on TV
I see them as my wife and me

Without my wife my heart aches and I feel it burn
I kiss her pictures her poem and also her urn

In the urn are her ashes and also space for me
When I pass together again we will be

Everything I did was for my wife
She was one of the best things in my life

We had a place we liked to go to eat
Now when I go I only need one seat

Joey Poem (4)

Joey 4
by Michael A Gelb

For so many years she was my wife
Now she is just a memory in my life
Everyday that goes by
I find it hard to keep a dry eye
I was born to love my kids and my wife
Which I will for the rest of my life
I realize some of my poems are sad
Thats how it is losing someone you love so bad
All I have now are my memories of joy
Dreaming back to the days of my wife my daughters and my boy
Everyday is about the same for me
I eat I sulk I sit and watch TV
I have my first tattoo on my arm honoring my wife
With all the years she was in my life
I wear her name as proud as can be
Wishing she was still hear with me
My wife was my childrens mother
There will never be another
My love for my wife was my first my only and my past
As far as Im concerned she will be my last
I remember back to that first night when I drank some wine
Once we kissed I felt in my heart she would be mine

Joey Poem (3)

To My Wife 3
by Michael A Gelb

When I was young at age seventeen
I met my future wife who was nearly sixteen
When I was age twenty one wild and free
I ask my love if she would marry me
Not thinking how fast time passes by
We got older and older my wife and I
Thinking back I did not know
How much my love for my wife would grow
On January fifth two thousand and nine
I lost my wife I thought would always be mine
You find out how time flies
When someone you love dies
We were together fifty plus years
Now my eyes are filled with tears
In a poem written by my wife
Something she had written early in life
She wrote, in her dreams our lips have met
You wait honey I will hook you yet
When I sit and look at pictures of my wife
How pretty she was and how short was her life
It is over a year that my wife is gone
People say I must move on
My children are all now grown
They have children of their own
I loved my wife so very much
And now I will no longer feel her touch

Thursday, June 24, 2010

To Joey (1)

Joey 1
by Michael A Gelb

On April 7th these words were said do I take this woman to be my wife
I said yes for the rest of my life
There was a time when our love was lost a while
You gave me a daughter I gave you a smile
Some years went by and now our family totals to five
We can see and feel our love thrive
Our marriage has not always been the best
But I like to think its a love nest
The past years were difficult and have not been good
But the next hundred years will be better as they should
With all the love I have for you
A good life I must, I have too
I have not forgot our little three
Before they leave I hope better things they will see
Patience understanding and love I need
To make all my dreams succeed
My love for you is honest and true
Is it the same with you too
Joey my love and Joey my wife
For all our years you were and are my life
In a hundred years when we depart
In heaven another love we will start
My love for you is plain to see
Your my love happy anniversary

My Wife Joey and Mother Poem

My Wife Joey and Mother
by Michael A Gelb

Mothers are a gift from the heavens above
All through life they share their love
Mothers are the greatest creation
They are what they are and need no explanation
From that first day starts a new life of love and joy
They do anything to protect their baby girl or boy
They walk around as proud as can be
They want to shout look I have a life inside of me
Bigger and bigger she gets as time goes by
Some suffer from pain and they cry
There love is so strong that they can bear the pain
They suffer and pray that it all was not in vain
The greatest day on earth has come
With some pain and pushing you are now a mom
You have suffered a lot and sometimes cried
But now it is over and with a baby at your side
Now the easy part is over and your baby is here to stay
You become a doctor a lawyer different people everyday
You protect and raise them through the years
With love joy and even some tears
Now their grown and its time for them to leave
You think back over the years while you grieve
Even thou they are gone and hardly call you
They may not write but they do love you
Mothers belong on a pedestal with the word rare
From the first day till the last they always care
Mothers are and will always be
The greatest any world will ever see
When it is time to go to heavens place
She is sent back to earth wearing a new face
Over and over a mother they be
To give love to their new baby
Back and forth from heaven to earth
With love and joy and giving birth
Mothers are not one of a kind
They are all the same with love in mind
With love in there heart from heaven they come
Before you move on let me say I love you mom