Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes
By Joeysguy

I fell for a blonde who had blue eyes

I married that blonde with the blue eyes

Having children was a real joy

We had two girls and a boy

I always thought I would be the first to die

I didn’t think she would leave me to cry

I carry a small vial that has a chain

The contents is some of my pain

With the memories of my wife

Just a little something from her life

I have a clip on my money

With a picture of who was my honey

In a shirt pocket is my cell phone              

When opened my wife’s picture is shown

I also carry pictures of my wife

These show her in a younger life

Now in heaven is that blonde with the blue eyes

Which now helps to fill those blue skies

To the blonde with blue eyes I want to say

I carry your love with me everyday