Monday, October 13, 2014

Strength In Numbers

Strength In Numbers
By Joeysguy

A few years back I joined a group of strangers

I went there looking for answers

To join here was such a high cost

It was with a piece of my heart I had lost

That cost was my losing my wife

All these strangers here also lost someone from their life

Joining the group we all paid the dues

With a life of someone we did lose

Nobody thinks of being a member here

That first day can be hard to share

We fight our emotions most everyday

Our grief or tears can get in our way

Life has become different in many ways

Just to do something might take days

We all had come here with grief

Where here looking for some kind of relief

Even though we can be weak and cry

Time shows that we can get by

This is where some of us belong

Our time together helps to make us strong

Days End

Days End
By Joeysguy
Tomorrow will become a today

Today will become a yesterday

It feels like it was just a yesterday

Since my wife passed away

With my wife I had much more yesterday

I lost my wife, now I have less today
That day I also should have passed away

One of my today’s will be my last day

Every tomorrow brings me closer to an end of my life

With another day that goes by, I’ll be with my wife

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Living With The Pain

Living With The Pain

By Joeysguy

On that day that my wife had died

One of my thoughts was suicide

The pain I had from losing my wife

To stop my pain I thought to end my life

I didn’t want to hear anyone explain

I just wanted to put an end to my pain

To take my life I felt no fear

I didn’t even think of who would care

Our dogs were waiting at the house

My fear was to go back home without my spouse

The pain of losing my kids mother and my wife

I had second thoughts as to taking my life

Losing their mother we all cried

They would have been devastated if I chose suicide

They may have thought that I loved them less

If I would have put an end to my pain and distress

With all my pain and sorrow

It’s hard to face an empty tomorrow

She has saved my life many times in bed

It’s also her who puts the poems into my head

Still watching over my life

My Angel, my wife



Sunday, July 27, 2014


By Joeysguy

When my kids were young they would run around

You always new where they were just by the sound

Someone would bring home a dog or a cat

One daughter even had a pet rat

With everything my wife was at my side

Until that horrible day that she died

I’m looking at a picture, that was our wedding day

I can’t remember all of the words we did say

This picture shows our marriage sealed with a kiss

My tears are a reminder, I will never again have this

With my wife gone and my kids grown

My dogs are gone and I live alone

I wish my wife walked through the door

So I could hold her and kiss her once more

In my house I’m always seeing a figure

It can look smaller but it’s never bigger

I see this figure in every room

It looks at me with the face of gloom

I’ve seen this figure just a short time in my life

Tell me figure are you my wife

The figure speaks and I know this voice

Figure your not my choice

The figure is in everything that has a shine

It’s a reflection that is always mine











Monday, July 14, 2014

With Pride

With Pride
By Joeysguy
It’s so dark in here, it must be night 
I see an opening, I can see some light

Why are these people pulling on me
I guess out there I should be

I’m upside down, you hit me and I cried
That hurt and left me teary-eyed

Who’s this lady you put me alongside
Who’s this man staring with so much pride

Are they someone that I should know
When they leave will I also go

This lady says her name is mom
She puts out her hands and wants me to come

The man is called dad 
They are so nice and never seem sad

Will this good feeling always last
Time has gone by and it seemed so fast

In the blink of an eye
I’ve learned what it is to cry

With little suffering and not much sound
Mom and dad are now in the ground

They said we are of one heart
Even in death we can never be apart

Now I look at this lady with our baby at her side
How beautiful, and I’m so full of pride

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Paper Rose

Paper Rose
By Joeysguy

Many years ago when I was short of money

Thinking of a gift to give my honey

Something inexpensive, like a single rose

With the meaning and feeling that it shows

Just a couple of dollars I think that would be okay                                                                          

As a gift from my heart for that day

In that single rose, that I bought                                                                      

With my love being the thought

    I have roses growing outside my house

In the memory and love to my spouse

From some of the thorns that are on the stems

My blood was drawn and looks like little gems

I need a rose that is so very light                                     

It has to be special for a flight

I can now give her this kind of a rose                                  

With all my love that it shows

The rose has to be without a thorn

So the balloon doesn’t burst while airborne

Higher and higher to my wife it goes                                                                              

A balloon that carries, a paper rose







Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Special Flight

A Special Flight
By joeys guy


This small and special hot air balloon

It will be leaving sometime soon

When the flight is full a bell will ring

That will be when you hear an Angel sing

Everyone enters into the basket

Heaven will be the exit

We take small groups of one hundred and eleven

We only go to Heaven

This flight has no age limit

For this trip any age can get on it

To take this trip you must have past away

Something happened that you died this very day

I’m sorry that you are on this flight

We take you to the light

You might meet someone that you once knew

Like someone who loved you

We may have lived for some years alone

I don’t believe that we ever die alone

We take this trip up to Heavens space

This would be the final resting place







In Dreams

In Dreams

By joeys guy
In dreams I can have it all

My wife and when my kids were small

In dreams I can bring back the years

To a time before all my tears

In dreams my wife would wait

Until I fall asleep even if I’m late

In dreams I can see my beautiful wife

Appearing to me from an earlier time of life

In dreams when my wife comes to me

She is young and pain free

In dreams I can relive my life

Showing more love for my wife

In dreams I can take her by the hand

I see she’s wearing her wedding band

In dreams I can hold her so very tight

I can hold her all through the night

In dreams we can touch and caress

Day or night my love for her is no less

In dreams I would ask her to give me more time and stay

Only till morning is what she would say

In dreams I don’t have any tears

Until morning when she disappears

At the end of night, here comes the daylight

All I can say is, in dreams I’ll see you tonight















Sunday, March 30, 2014

Helen's Daughter

Helen’s Daughter
By Joeysguy

Helen, Since your daughter is back with you

This writing is long overdue

When your daughter became my wife

I also became her protector in life

She developed heart problems like you

And died because of it too

I feel I failed to keep her alive

I’m sorry that she didn’t survive

Lots of my memories bring out my tears

But I wouldn’t trade away any of those years

Being with her on that very last day

That’s the time I wish I could trade away

Will you watch over her with care

Hold on to her till the day that I get there

She has given me some special days

With balloons and candles I show some loving ways

I never new how empty I could be

Until your daughter passed and left me

I was a husband to my wife

Now a widower for the rest of my life





Could-a, Would-a, Should-a

Could-a, Would-a, Should-a
By joeys guy

These are words that some people would say

These are words in someone’s thoughts everyday

Could-a, Would-a, Should-a in someone’s mind

These are words that can be very unkind

Especially if we lose a loved one from our life

These words were unkind to me when I lost my wife

I have asked myself, was there more I could-a done

Was there anything more I should-a done

These are words that can tear us apart

Letting them into our mind and heart

Thinking of arguments, I should-a gave in

Why did I always try to win

At that last moment I should-a held her so very tight

So that the Angels would-a had a tough fight

People say there was nothing I could-a done

It’s what my wife should-a done


















Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes
By Joeysguy

I fell for a blonde who had blue eyes

I married that blonde with the blue eyes

Having children was a real joy

We had two girls and a boy

I always thought I would be the first to die

I didn’t think she would leave me to cry

I carry a small vial that has a chain

The contents is some of my pain

With the memories of my wife

Just a little something from her life

I have a clip on my money

With a picture of who was my honey

In a shirt pocket is my cell phone              

When opened my wife’s picture is shown

I also carry pictures of my wife

These show her in a younger life

Now in heaven is that blonde with the blue eyes

Which now helps to fill those blue skies

To the blonde with blue eyes I want to say

I carry your love with me everyday