Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going Home

Going Home
by Michael A Gelb

I’ve heard it said that heaven is home
Is it true, is heaven considered home

If heaven is home I’ll be there some day
When will that day be I can’t really say

Lots of people there I will see
Only a few are waiting for me

I’ve had many dogs with me here
I guess I will see them again up there

My mother is waiting and so is my wife
I’ll be going home at the end of this life

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joey's Guy

Joey’s guy
by Michael A Gelb

In 1962 my girlfriend changed my life
When she said I do and became my wife

My girlfriend taught me how to kiss
From girlfriend to wife to someone I terribly miss

We were married and brought together
I wanted us to be as one forever

We had two daughters and a son
After three children we were done

At times we use to take the kids to the park
It was something we didn’t do after dark

My wife passed without a goodbye
And to this day I could still cry

I look at pictures of my wife
That’s all I will have for the rest of my life

I can remember kissing her hand
Now on a neck chain I kiss her wedding band

She raised her family with love
Now my wife is in heaven above

At times my poems make me cry
They help me to be Joey’s guy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

American Brave

American Brave
by Michael A Gelb

To our brave for over all the years
For you some of us have shed tears
To you servicemen and women, who served and still serve
I say thank you, which you greatly deserve
You fight to protect our American way
You put your life on the line everyday
You protect the colors of our flag
Some of you come home in a body bag
You protect our flag of stripes and stars
Some of you come home with battle scars
Included are the people of 9/11 who died
The volunteers, the relatives and the people cried
I’m sorry to the families of the brave
Their sons and daughters who’s life they gave
We are Americans of this great country
Again thanks to all the Military

Why I Volunteer at Meals on Wheels

Why I Volunteer at Meals on Wheels
by Michael A Gelb

Why I volunteer at Meals on Wheels,
I do it to help people receive meals.
I had to get a photo id
This is for the people’s safety
At first I thought of it as just something to do
After that first day I realized that wasn’t true
I deliver a meal to the elderly and I do it with care
Some of the elderly may be in a wheelchair
The hot food is carried in a hot insulated bag
The cold food is carried in a cold insulated bag
It’s a good feeling to volunteer
The people appreciate that we care
I knock at the door and yell hello
I also check on them before I go
A stranger had said to me, thank you
She was thanking me for what I do
It’s a good feeling to volunteer
This is something we Americans do to show we care