Monday, October 13, 2014

Strength In Numbers

Strength In Numbers
By Joeysguy

A few years back I joined a group of strangers

I went there looking for answers

To join here was such a high cost

It was with a piece of my heart I had lost

That cost was my losing my wife

All these strangers here also lost someone from their life

Joining the group we all paid the dues

With a life of someone we did lose

Nobody thinks of being a member here

That first day can be hard to share

We fight our emotions most everyday

Our grief or tears can get in our way

Life has become different in many ways

Just to do something might take days

We all had come here with grief

Where here looking for some kind of relief

Even though we can be weak and cry

Time shows that we can get by

This is where some of us belong

Our time together helps to make us strong

Days End

Days End
By Joeysguy
Tomorrow will become a today

Today will become a yesterday

It feels like it was just a yesterday

Since my wife passed away

With my wife I had much more yesterday

I lost my wife, now I have less today
That day I also should have passed away

One of my today’s will be my last day

Every tomorrow brings me closer to an end of my life

With another day that goes by, I’ll be with my wife