Monday, October 29, 2012

At What Cost

At what cost

By Michael A Gelb (Joeysguy)

If you are going to a bar

Save lives, don’t drive your car

At what cost for that drink

Before you take it, stop and think

Just a bad choice that you could make

That bad choice will put lives at stake

With a life, someone could pay

The loss of life for your drunken day

Don’t use your seatbelt on your drunken day

Why should you live to walk away

So I ask, at what cost will that drink be

Just a few dollars to destroy a family

If you live you will go to jail

Tell your kids where to send your mail

Driving drunk the cops will pull you over

Hopefully before you kill, so drive sober

P/S, Lets not forget about cell phone texts

While driving you could kill and cause wrecks

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



By (Joeysguy) Michael A Gelb

How would it be talking to God

Getting a response might be odd

I would ask, since you are the higher good

Why can’t you protect people as you could

Children are so innocent and pure

Some sick with a disease, why can’t we get a cure

Some of the evil that men do

They yell and scream in the name of you

When any terror comes out of the night

They want to hurt, kill or just fight

Some only care about their belief

They care nothing about loss or grief

Why can’t you strike out the terror in ones mind

Before they can hurt the innocent, the kind

We lose loved ones to sickness or an end to their time

Why can’t you stop any terror before the crime