Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Living With The Pain

Living With The Pain

By Joeysguy

On that day that my wife had died

One of my thoughts was suicide

The pain I had from losing my wife

To stop my pain I thought to end my life

I didn’t want to hear anyone explain

I just wanted to put an end to my pain

To take my life I felt no fear

I didn’t even think of who would care

Our dogs were waiting at the house

My fear was to go back home without my spouse

The pain of losing my kids mother and my wife

I had second thoughts as to taking my life

Losing their mother we all cried

They would have been devastated if I chose suicide

They may have thought that I loved them less

If I would have put an end to my pain and distress

With all my pain and sorrow

It’s hard to face an empty tomorrow

She has saved my life many times in bed

It’s also her who puts the poems into my head

Still watching over my life

My Angel, my wife