Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is It Crazy

Is it Crazy
By Joeysguy

Sounds in my house that I hear

I relate some to my wife being here

I have pictures all around the house

Everywhere pictures of my spouse

I think of my wife still being here

Like saying I’m sorry or excuse me dear

So much is different in my life

I lost the normal when losing my wife

I’ll sit and pound my heels on the floor

Sometimes till a foot is sore

Sometimes I’ll take a drink

It helps me to relax and think

Thinking about everything I had

My life feels hopeless and sad

Some nights I think when I go to bed

Will I wake in the morning or will I be dead

As crazy as it may seem

Sometimes I may let out a scream

When leaving home I say, see you later to my souse

I’ll say I’m home when I enter the house

I know some things are crazy that I do

I don’t want to write it and tell you

This poem could be very long

Then people would know I’m really a dingdong








Monday, May 6, 2013

My Last Balloon

My Last Balloon

By Joeysguy

On special days I fly a balloon to my wife

Who is no longer here in the physical life

I release them during the morning light

I can watch them go out of sight

The balloons go up and away

Taking a path that I will take someday

I write messages on the balloons

Sometimes I put a note in the balloons

Before releasing them I give them a kiss

Till my last balloon, I will keep doing this

Each balloon carries a little extra part

They carry a piece from my heart

For me this is one way of keeping something together

So I can be with her forever

A little piece of my heart in each balloon

With my life’s end to follow soon

On a special day that would be my goal

If my last balloon was my soul