Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Memories

My Memories
By Michael A Gelb

I was thinking of buying a new house
So I’m here with my son and his spouse

Sitting outback looking up to the sky
Hoping to see something go bye

Wishing for a sign to see
Something from my wife to me

To move into an empty and cold house
I would leave behind memories of my spouse

I don’t want to leave those memories behind
More memories in the house then in my mind

When my kids were small
They would play and mark up a wall

I see memories on every wall
Where my wife painted over marks from a ball

A memory in every room
Some good some with a little gloom

It’s something that will always be
Even the gloom is a memory to me

Friday, April 29, 2011

Treasure of Man

Treasure of Man
By Michael A Gelb

Every man has the chance
To find love and romance

Having a family with your wife
That’s a treasure of a man’s life

Mine had blue eyes and blonde hair
A beautiful face with a smile to share

The three children we had
Made me proud to be a husband and a dad

Every man’s treasure is in front of his face
Make a good life at a slow pace

I take a deep breath and let out a sigh
To think how lucky was I

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Young We Were

How Young We Were
By Michael A Gelb

My wife’s final day she lost the bout
At the hospital I collapsed my legs gave out

They took me into the emergency
Nothing wrong they said with me

They couldn’t see my heartache
They couldn’t feel my heartbreak

At night when I go to bed
I twist and turn with thoughts in my head

Some nights to sleep is hard for me
Thinking of my wife I wish I could see

On my neck is my wife’s wedding band
I clutch it tightly in my hand

My body is tired and with some pain
Why do I go on what’s to gain

I wish I new the end to my life
I miss so much not being with my wife

I look at pictures how young we were
That’s how I wish to be again with her

Monday, April 11, 2011

Words of Love

Words of love
By Michael A Gelb

From heaven I wish my wife could see
The words of love that come from me

Out of my heart and into my head
Come the words I wish I had said

From my lips to my wife’s ears
Hear the words that bring my tears

Joey I will never forget
That day and how we met

You and I started as two
I look forward to again be with you

I don’t know how or when it will be
Together again just my darling and me

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Wife My Prize

By Michael A Gelb

I asked my girl to be my wife
To be mine the rest of our life

Her father gave away the bride
Her mother was happy but cried

I took the oath of marriage that day
To love her in every way

On our wedding day I said I do
Forever I want to be with you

Not many men love the same wife
I did for more than half our life

For over 50 years we were together
She’s gone but I’ll be her guy forever

Looking at my wife and into her eyes
What I see is my wife my prize

With all the love I had for my wife
It hurts that she was taken out of my life

I have to believe in an afterlife
A place where I can rejoin my wife

I want to believe so much
To again see and feel her touch