Friday, July 26, 2013

Which Way to Heaven

Which Way to Heaven
By Joeysguy

My wife accepted the little that we had

Even those times that were really bad

She raised our kids, cats, dogs and also me

So as my hero it’s my wife I see

She would do things that made her strain

But she kept quiet about some of her pain

We were together for many years

Now alone I try to hold back the tears

Some days are harder to move on

So much is missing, so much is gone

With love for my wife I would always stare

Now it’s only pictures that I have here

I find myself rubbing some pictures with my hand

Wishing, just wishing to feel her hand

Thinking about the rest of my life

Which way to heaven and my wife

I wish I could hear my wife say

I’m here, take my hand heaven is this way