Sunday, July 27, 2014


By Joeysguy

When my kids were young they would run around

You always new where they were just by the sound

Someone would bring home a dog or a cat

One daughter even had a pet rat

With everything my wife was at my side

Until that horrible day that she died

I’m looking at a picture, that was our wedding day

I can’t remember all of the words we did say

This picture shows our marriage sealed with a kiss

My tears are a reminder, I will never again have this

With my wife gone and my kids grown

My dogs are gone and I live alone

I wish my wife walked through the door

So I could hold her and kiss her once more

In my house I’m always seeing a figure

It can look smaller but it’s never bigger

I see this figure in every room

It looks at me with the face of gloom

I’ve seen this figure just a short time in my life

Tell me figure are you my wife

The figure speaks and I know this voice

Figure your not my choice

The figure is in everything that has a shine

It’s a reflection that is always mine











Monday, July 14, 2014

With Pride

With Pride
By Joeysguy
It’s so dark in here, it must be night 
I see an opening, I can see some light

Why are these people pulling on me
I guess out there I should be

I’m upside down, you hit me and I cried
That hurt and left me teary-eyed

Who’s this lady you put me alongside
Who’s this man staring with so much pride

Are they someone that I should know
When they leave will I also go

This lady says her name is mom
She puts out her hands and wants me to come

The man is called dad 
They are so nice and never seem sad

Will this good feeling always last
Time has gone by and it seemed so fast

In the blink of an eye
I’ve learned what it is to cry

With little suffering and not much sound
Mom and dad are now in the ground

They said we are of one heart
Even in death we can never be apart

Now I look at this lady with our baby at her side
How beautiful, and I’m so full of pride