Saturday, July 17, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

I can only write this from a male side
As a husband and father with pride.
After a man and a woman say the words I do
You may be thinking of children to.
After your wife gets pregnant thinking of a girl or boy
At the end of the term you will have a bundle of joy.
Children need love and care so does your wife
Whatever the cost from your own life.
Take care of your wife, and your children also
With a great deal of love and support they will grow.
A good way to write your future is in your name
Treat them right and good and they will do the same.
Children are what we need
Without children no reason to succeed.
Lost money, dropped candy you can replace
How do you do wrong and look into your child’s face.
Do good things treat your family well and be proud
Your children will love you and see you glow in a crowd.
Children are beautiful and fragile and small
With your help and love they will grow strong and tall.
You should protect the children from that first day
Your children should be loved and should grow up okay.
If you’re a good father as good as you can be
Your children should be as proud of you as they can be.
Time can pass by so fast like in the blink of an eye
Before you know it time will pass by.
Your children will carry you into the future
Your children are your future.


by Michael A Gelb

Why let yourself get pregnant and put a hold on your life
Why not wait till your older and become a wife.

Life could be better for you if you stay in school
Listen to your parents and follow their rule.

Life could pass you by if you become a young mother
You may lose your friends to another.

Why let a guy change the future or your life
He may just leave you to go enjoy his life.

When the time comes and your baby is due.
Will that baby’s daddy be there for you.

Will he support you and your child
Will he go to another girl and child.

Being married, misses would be your proper title
Baby’s mama is what kind of title.

Being called a baby’s mama in your life
Better sounding words are a mother and a wife.

Having a husband you could have a better life
Think of your future as husband and wife.

Cycle of My Life

The Cycle of My Life
by Michael A Gelb

The Cycle of my Life
January fifth was the month I lost my wife
February brings Valentines Day
A gift with love I did say.
April seventh is our Anniversary
The month and day she married me.
April brings Easter Sunday
May brings Mother’s Day.
October thirty first is Halloween
When kids would dress in costumes to be seen.
November brings Thanksgiving and is the fourth Thursday
December eighteen is my wife’s birthday.
December twenty fifth is Christmas Day
It was my wife’s favorite holiday.
January first is New Years
Just another day of maybe no tears.
It starts all over again my cycle of life
Over and over again the pain without my wife.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

I sit at my computer staring at the screen
Looking back at me is this beautiful slender blonde with blue eyes
It’s the woman I was married to for so many years
For all our years her hands were up and between them she held my heart
Her hands are now empty and down at her side
Now that my heart is back inside it feels pain

Graduation Alex (Granddaughter)

by Michael A Gelb

Graduation day comes every year
With joy, happiness and even a tear
You’re a tall slender red head
As pretty as can be and with that said
Your getting older and you will leave
We say goodbye and in you we believe
How proud we all are
With schooling and study you will go far
With love in our heart
A new venture you will start
Stay safe and be careful being on your own
We love and will miss you even if your grown


by Michael A Gelb

When you meet your girl and fall in love
It is do to cupid’s arrow shot from above
Your future should be in steps in life
You have fallen in love and asked her to be your wife
Your wife looks so pretty and it was a great marriage
When you have a child be proud when you’re pushing the carriage
As a man to make a child is easy
To turn your back and walk away is no less than sleazy
What a wonderful feeling it is in life
Being a good father and to love your wife
It is a great feeling when a child calls you daddy
It is heart breaking when a child asks do I have a daddy
It is hard enough on a child when a father dies
It is worse when the child has to grow up on lies
A father should do all he can for his family
Earn respect and love and to be the best he could be
Be a good man love your kids and love your wife
These are the best ingredients to make a good life
Why I go to bereavement groups
by Michael A Gelb

I had a loss in my life
I lost a mother and also a wife
It hurts so badly when people die and they are gone
I was told a bereavement group might help me to move on
We sit and we talk about our lost love
How we miss them and we know they’re in the heavens above
We all can come together because of the pain we all share
We can relate to each other with passion and how much we care
Talking about the past, which now is a memory in our life
Were not sure of our future that will be for the rest of our life
We now have large changes in our life
Someone may have lost a parent, a child, a sibling, a husband or a wife
It’s our group that knows our loss and our pain
At times our friends or family might think were not sane
Someone may say something that would bring us to smile
That’s something that happens every once in a while
We try to get by the sorrow
If not today then maybe tomorrow
Maybe after time and lots of tears
Just maybe we might find another love that cares

Monday, July 5, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

Why should a man marry
Not only your name will she carry
What about the love she has for you
You must have feelings for her to
You can really make her heart sing
Ask her to marry you and give her a ring
It has to make you feel good that she will be in your heart
When she says yes and a new family you will start
You set the date then comes that day
Now that day is here and the words I do you both say
Now that she has your last name
Your wife and your kids will share something the same
Some days will probably go by
You will argue and you will make her cry
Stop to think don’t let bad words tear your love apart
It may just take a few kind words and kiss for a new start
In years to come you will feel good
The way a father and husband should
You will be proud your last name will carry on
Your kids will be grown, get married and move on
Your kids will still call you dad
That’s a great feeling a great family is never bad
Don’t let things and time go by to fast
Try to make everything and every minute last

Saturday, July 3, 2010


by Michael A Gelb

Here is another poem I would like to share
July fourth is again here
Our flag colors are red white and blue
If you don’t like us you know what you can do
Americans we are
The best by far
It’s a disgrace for any American Government or State
To boycott Arizona is un-American and promoting hate

Friday, July 2, 2010

Keep Them Safe

Keep Them Safe
by Michael A Gelb

I was born in New York City
It wasn’t safe nor was it pretty
That’s where I spent my young adult life
I realized it wasn’t safe for my children or my wife
There was always that threat of danger
I didn’t want my family victimized by a stranger
I packed them up and sent them to a New Jersey town
We bought a house on a street that part of the name is brown
Life went well and my kids are now grown
All my kids now have a family and house of their own

Thinking Back

by Michael A Gelb 10

When we were young and before she was my wife
I didn’t know she was going to be the love of my life
I miss those special times that we had
I miss all the times so very bad
I don’t know where I found a talent to write poems late in my life
It must come from the woman I loved who was my wife
Over the years we have had arguments and called each other names
Like little kids playing silly games
In a picture of my wife the sun shines in her hair and makes it glow
To me she looks like my loving angel with a halo
Thinking back on our first pregnancy
That was hard for my wife and me
Some times she had morning sickness
At times she had made a mess
In that nine month period of time
She had fallen for the third time
My heart was divided in quarters
My wife my son and my two daughters
I think my heart will become whole
That day that my wife takes my soul