Friday, November 29, 2013

So Close, So Far

So Close, So Far
By Joeysguy

So close is a husband and wife

Closer than most things in life

I gave the rest of my heart away

Given to her on our wedding day

From the day she became my bride

All the years we were side by side

The beauty that I had in my life

It was in the face of my wife

She’s in my heart and in my head

But no longer shares my bed

In those times when I would cry

Thoughts of her is the reason why

She’s always been the strength in my life

So much love I have for my wife

We took an oath as husband and wife

With death, it’s now in stone for all of life

She was as close as someone can be

Now in heaven she is so far from me

She’s still my girl, and will always be

For the love of her that I feel inside me









Monday, November 18, 2013

The Honey To Do List
By joeys guy

Honey here is your to do list

It was written after that first time we kissed

I know you are that special one

Who would follow the list till it’s done

Follow the list in it’s order

Do not change, do not alter

The first thing you will do

Is to ask me to marry you

You will love me as I love you

With the promise of a love that’s true

You will give me children, maybe two

I know we will be loved by you

Be a good husband to your wife

You will keep us together for life

If I should be the first to die

Make it short if you do cry

Go on with the rest of your life

Remember me as your wife

With a new honey to do list I’m waiting here

Don’t hurry, I love you dear