Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Magic in Ones Life
By joeys guy

I believe people have some magic in their life

Mine started with meeting my wife

I would feel it just by her touching me

I felt how much more that we could be

That magic from my wife

Bringing three children into my life

I could see magic just looking into their eyes

So open and bright and full of surprise

Magic could be the day when they first crawl

Such amazement when they are so small

Magic can be when they try to talk

Or that stumble when trying to walk

Looking at pictures of what I had

Still a husband and father but sad

My wife’s loss was tragic

I lost her with her magic

If I could bring my wife’s magic to light

I would bring her into my dreams every night

Life does not have a happily ever after

I believe it’s in the life after

Everything I felt in her kiss

The magic through my body I miss

The feelings I use to feel

Looking back the magic was real

I don’t see much to the rest of my life

I lost something precious, my wife