Tuesday, July 12, 2016

All I'm Worth

All I’m Worth 

By Joeysguy

Way back when on the day of my birth

I was born to parents of no worth

Over the years my worth had grown

It wasn’t anything that I did own

It was my greatest of value and  it’s worth

That was my wife and her giving birth

Being pregnant made my wife glow

With each pregnancy my worth did grow

My wife gave birth to two daughters and a son

After those three she was done

I’ll never lose any of my worth

In the future my grandchildren giving birth

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sounds of Water

Sounds of Water

By Joeysguy

My wife liked the sounds of running water

Running off the rocks into still water

So I built her a pond in the backyard

Digging up the dirt to discard

With the rocks piled all around

A waterfall on top of the mound

I guess from the waterfalls sound

A frog would always come around

My wife would clean the pond from slime

Leaves and dirt all the time 

Silence is so Loud

Silence is so loud

By Joeysguy

As a child a grownup would say

Silence is golden

And I should go off and play

Now as an adult in my life

Silence is so loud

Since I lost my wife

Purpose In Life

Purpose In Life 

By Joeysguy

I felt I had no purpose in life

Until meeting the girl who would be my wife

With a daughter being our first one

Another pregnancy and we had a son

Once again and another girl came along

Made my purpose very strong

That gave me a purpose everyday

To do what was needed in every way

Never thinking that after my kids were grown

I would lose my wife and be alone

My Vow

My Vow

By Joeysguy

I take this woman to be my wife

I will love her for all my life

In sickness and health

Being poor or having wealth

If she should die

      Before I

I hope I’m not far behind

Until then she’s in my mind

Me and My Pail

Me and My Pail

By Joeysguy

From birth my mom wiped away my tears

She did it into my childhood years

Growing up I stopped the crying
Until the day of my wife’s dying

I have this pail that no one can see

It’s invisible except to me

The pail is for the tears from my eyes

I won’t need the pail after my demise 

From My Wife

From My Wife

By Joeysguy

Many times I have said

It’s my wife who puts the poems in my head

So I believe these words are from my wife

She is telling me something of our next life

Our golden years had never started

Since years ago when she departed

Up here we will have our golden years

Together again without any tears

When the flame moves on the cande you light

It’s her waving to me at night

Those strange sounds that I hear

It’s my wife that she’s near

When I’m playing an old song

I try to listen if she’s singing along

She see’s the tears coming from my eyes

Wishing I would stop and dry my eyes

Closed Eyes

Closed Eyes

By Joeysguy

I close my eyes when I sleep

I open them in my dreams

Sleep for me is never deep

We close our eyes when we kiss

We open them with joy

And feel the bliss

We close our eyes when we die

We open them to see the way

Somebody will close their eyes to cry