Saturday, December 25, 2010

Times Change

Times Change
By Michael A Gelb

I was born in the year 1940
Growing up I was a little naughty

I was a little scared
To really be bad

We started to see many strangers
People reacted to different dangers

My mother and her friends stopped the late night talks
People were being more careful during walks

My mother and friends started locking doors
We seen protective gates going up on the local stores

My family and I lived in New York City
Things became worse and not to pretty

Garbage thrown in the yard and the street
By people that were not clean or neat

Women could not walk by men without words
Men would make sounds like chirping birds

After a few years of worry for my kids and wife
We moved from the city and started a new life

Little Dog

Little Dog
By Michael A Gelb

This last Mothers day
My wife’s little dog passed away

Holly was my wife’s little love
Both now are in the heaven above

Holly did not like the cold
Poor Holly only ten years old

I miss my wife so much
I also miss that little dog’s touch

I just had to adopt a little dog for me
This little dog named Maggie

Monday, December 20, 2010

Same Tour

Same Tour
By Michael A Gelb

The worst thing of my life
Is grieving over the loss of my wife

Our lives maybe set in stone
But our future is unknown

Were born, we live and then we die
Our loves are left behind to cry

We suffer and we grieve
With different feelings I believe

We grieve in our own way
Some of us may cry day after day

Many days are full of sorrow
We always hope it will be better tomorrow

Life is a revolving door
Around and around we take the same tour

Love List

Love List
By Michael A Gelb

This is my love list
Joey was my wife
She is gone and very much missed

My daughter Barbara was our first one
Then came my son James
My daughter Patricia the third one

Grandchildren are Megan and Alexandra
Boys are Nickolas and Connor
Back to girls Jacquelyn and Samantha

My kids in law I almost missed
Robert, Christopher and Suzanna
And my dog finished the list

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Past

Christmas past
By Michael A Gelb

We always had a Christmas tree
My wife would decorate it without me

So many gifts by the tree
No empty space could you see

Our little ones would crawl all around
They would try climbing the gift mound

Year after year on Christmas morning
Kids tearing open gifts and I’m yawning

The kids woke early on Christmas day
We told the kids your older so go away

With the years going by
We could sleep longer my wife and I

Now since its just me
No more do I need a Christmas tree

My kids now grown and they see
What its like to do the Christmas tree

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Joey

Happy Birthday Joey
By Michael A Gelb

I hope this will get to my wife
Your gone but never from my life

A birthday poem to you my dear
I wish you will always be near

Just a few words I want to say
I love you so much only everyday

I will send you a message on a balloon
Watch for it, look towards the moon

One day you will come for me
Until then happy birthday Joey

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Heavens Gate

Heavens Gate
By Michael A Gelb

All through life we may move slow
Not like watching the grass grow

At times were in a hurry
We don’t stop or slowdown to worry

When we get older we do slowdown
Our skin may wrinkle and look like a frown

The only time were never late
When were going up to heavens gate

A Fathers Right

A Fathers Right
By Michael A Gelb

Many times between my children and I
We wouldn’t always see eye to eye

They would tell me when I’m wrong
Or sometimes I might take to long

They sometimes get mad when I but in
I remind them that where all kin

I tell them in my way
I love them every day

It’s a fathers right
To love his children with all his might

Monday, December 6, 2010

Filled Heart

Filled Heart
By Michael A Gelb

It’s coming up on two years
My eyes still fill with tears

I keep thinking back at my life
Did I do all I could for my wife

When I met my future wife it was a new start
I found someone that filled my heart

My wife never asked for much
I loved her more with every touch

When I would touch her face
It was soft and delicate like a fine lace

When she passed, my heart was torn out
Sometimes I cry and I might even shout

At night when I go to bed
Thoughts of my wife fill my head

I would like to see a sign
That her love will forever be mine

How many times I’ve said I miss you
I wish I could again say the words I do

I love to dream of my wife
That’s the way I relive my life

I say to my wife if reincarnation is true
Go slow my love so I can catch up to you

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights
By Michael A Gelb

My son lives in Florida with his spouse
I was visiting them at their house

On my last day in the warm sunlight
He was outside hanging a Christmas light

I walked outside and my eyes started to tear
Because my wife is no longer hear

I always disliked hanging Christmas lights
Early comes the winter days and nights

My wife would always give me directions
On how to hang the decorations

I now miss hearing my wife say
No don’t do it that way

I didn’t always take her advice
To hear her now would really be nice