Monday, April 22, 2013

Old School

Old School
By joeys guy

I remember lessons from the old school

It was a code an unwritten rule

As a male I would get to my feet

To give the elderly or a woman the seat

When taking a girl out for a day

As the guy I would always pay

Music was understood and had meaning

A lot of songs today sounds like screaming

Entertainers wore costumes or dressed in clothes

Today so much body they expose

You didn’t always have to lock doors

No fences had to protect stores

As a young kid I played outside

Strangers didn’t bother us, we didn’t have to hide

We would hangout till late hours of night

When older we hung out even till daylight

Women could sit outside late and talk

It was safe to take a late night walk

Any time was safe to go stroll in the park

Try doing that now in the dark

People now wear pants down almost to the knees

It’s ugly, pick them up please

What happened to those good old days

Time passes and kids go through a craze


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Empty Places

Empty Places
By Joeysguy

For many years I lived in a full house

Between kids, dogs, and my spouse

My wife and dogs are now gone

My kids have all moved on

I didn’t think I would ever lose my wife

Never thought about emptiness in my life

In the closets are empty hangers that I see

They can bring out the sadness that’s in me

Those hangers held the clothes of my wife

The clothes given away, now in someone else’s life

In restaurants I wait to be seated

Then the number one is repeated

In the seats across from me

Is the empty space that I see

One empty side of the bed

The pillow still there that held her head

The smallest thing with the largest space

It’s my heart the most empty place


By Joeysguy

As a young boy I was built like a ball

Then at age 16 I grew to over 6 foot tall

Never finishing high school, I went to work

To help my mother, I worked as a clerk

I met the girl who would be in my life

Kiss me, love me and be my wife

From that first day that I lost my wife

It’s taken so much from my life

Some of my poems might be a little long

Some words I might have spelled wrong

I don’t think of myself as a poet

I don’t understand poems, I know it

Reading a poem and trying to understand

It’s hard for me, it’s much a demand

My poems come from my head and my heart

The love for my wife does stand apart

I read and post my poems for people to see

To tell of the feelings that are in me

My poems are fact and true

I appreciate your listening and I thank you