Friday, June 25, 2010

Joey Poem (2)

To My Joey and Children
by Michael A Gelb

I have made many mistakes in my life
Except the day I took a wife
From that came the pitter patter of six little feet
That truly made my life complete
The days I hate are your birthdays I believe
Because you get older and so you will leave
I wish time would stop on Christmas day
So you would stay small to play and play
Before the day comes when you say goodbye
I hope that everything you want I could buy
As far as things for my wife
No hurry we have all of our life
The one thing I have plenty of
Is my wife and children I truly love
Love is the only thing I want from you
Forever and ever you will love me true
As a husband and father Im not the best
But how do I compare to all the rest
If anything should ever break us up
I think I would shatter like a cup
You all have a piece of my heart
Please, please do not tear it apart
I do not know what else to say
Except god protect my family everyday

Joey Poem (8)

by Michael A Gelb

I’m just a man with a broken heart trying to show love
To the woman who I lost and is now in the heaven above
I think back when we met we shared a kiss
Now the days go by I think of my wife who I terribly miss
Life seems so very unfair
I was older but it’s my wife who is not here
All the years we were married I gave her all that I could
I gave her all my love and my heart the way a husband should
When special days and some holidays come near
It hurts more on these days that my wife and I no longer share
I wish I could remember everything from my past
I would burn my wife in my mind so it all would last
Over and over as the days go by
I try to get by with out a cry
Joey was my wife and now she is gone
I am finding my days so very hard to move on
On our wedding day some words I had said
I promised to always love her and with this ring I thee wed
We have two girls Barbara and Patricia are their names
Also their is our son his name is James
My wife was a tall and slender blonde with blue eyes
She loved me and I guess she was very wise

Joey Poem (7)

Joey 7
by Michael A Gelb

I wish I had the power to turn back time
I would go back to the day when my wife became mine
If I could have a wish, just one
I would back in time when I was married my age was
If I had the chance to relive my life
I would do it again with my same wife
In a pocket next to my heart are pictures of my wife
I will probably carry them for the rest of my life
My girl and I were young when me first met in life
She grew up to be a woman and became my wife
On that day we married she had a sparkle in her eye
No one could be happier than I
We were standing there and she looked so pretty
I felt as if I won first prize in a lottery
I have become more sensitive in these last years
A movie a song even a thought can bring on tears
I miss that weakness and love that was in my wife
Now it’s my weakness trying to go on with my life
On that last day I had no time to tell her I love her, or to
say good bye
I do find a lot of time for me to cry
When your married a long time you don’t realize the
little you know in your life
I found out how much when I lost my wife
On mother’s day my wife’s dog had died
She was a family member and I cried
My wife is my past, my children my present I lost my
future when I lost my wife
Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her in my life
I feel that I m honoring my wife
Writing poems about some of her life

Joey Poem (6)

Joey 6
by Michael A Gelb

JoAnn was the birth name of my wife
To me Joey was her name for a lot of our married life

One of the best things anyone could ask for in life
Is to have a good and loving wife

When it comes time for me to pass no matter day or night
I hope and pray that my wife will be my guiding light

I did not complement my wife as much as I could of
But with all my heart I gave her my love

My wife is in heaven watching over our family
Hoping we could be the best we could be

I am now living by myself and on my own
I have my dogs and my family but I feel alone

I never thought I knew how bad pain could ever be
Until my wife died and left me

At times my wife lets me know she is near
She turns off the picture frame to let me know she is here

On a chain around my neck I wear my wife’s wedding band
I also still wear mine on the finger of my left hand

To anyone who reads this poem
Do not let the time with your family go
Everything is gone before you know

Joey Poem (5)

Joey 5
by Michael A Gelb

I loved my wife and I still do with all my heart
Now that she is gone in my chest is missing a big part

My wife would get upset with me because at her I would stare
I would say to her because I love you and that shows how I care

Over the years she was my wife, my friend and my lover
It is so hard now and I will never love for another

When I lost my wife I lost so much
No more kisses no more holding hands no more will we touch

My wife is up in heaven above
I hope she can still feel all my love

When I see people kissing on TV
I see them as my wife and me

Without my wife my heart aches and I feel it burn
I kiss her pictures her poem and also her urn

In the urn are her ashes and also space for me
When I pass together again we will be

Everything I did was for my wife
She was one of the best things in my life

We had a place we liked to go to eat
Now when I go I only need one seat

Joey Poem (4)

Joey 4
by Michael A Gelb

For so many years she was my wife
Now she is just a memory in my life
Everyday that goes by
I find it hard to keep a dry eye
I was born to love my kids and my wife
Which I will for the rest of my life
I realize some of my poems are sad
Thats how it is losing someone you love so bad
All I have now are my memories of joy
Dreaming back to the days of my wife my daughters and my boy
Everyday is about the same for me
I eat I sulk I sit and watch TV
I have my first tattoo on my arm honoring my wife
With all the years she was in my life
I wear her name as proud as can be
Wishing she was still hear with me
My wife was my childrens mother
There will never be another
My love for my wife was my first my only and my past
As far as Im concerned she will be my last
I remember back to that first night when I drank some wine
Once we kissed I felt in my heart she would be mine

Joey Poem (3)

To My Wife 3
by Michael A Gelb

When I was young at age seventeen
I met my future wife who was nearly sixteen
When I was age twenty one wild and free
I ask my love if she would marry me
Not thinking how fast time passes by
We got older and older my wife and I
Thinking back I did not know
How much my love for my wife would grow
On January fifth two thousand and nine
I lost my wife I thought would always be mine
You find out how time flies
When someone you love dies
We were together fifty plus years
Now my eyes are filled with tears
In a poem written by my wife
Something she had written early in life
She wrote, in her dreams our lips have met
You wait honey I will hook you yet
When I sit and look at pictures of my wife
How pretty she was and how short was her life
It is over a year that my wife is gone
People say I must move on
My children are all now grown
They have children of their own
I loved my wife so very much
And now I will no longer feel her touch

Thursday, June 24, 2010

To Joey (1)

Joey 1
by Michael A Gelb

On April 7th these words were said do I take this woman to be my wife
I said yes for the rest of my life
There was a time when our love was lost a while
You gave me a daughter I gave you a smile
Some years went by and now our family totals to five
We can see and feel our love thrive
Our marriage has not always been the best
But I like to think its a love nest
The past years were difficult and have not been good
But the next hundred years will be better as they should
With all the love I have for you
A good life I must, I have too
I have not forgot our little three
Before they leave I hope better things they will see
Patience understanding and love I need
To make all my dreams succeed
My love for you is honest and true
Is it the same with you too
Joey my love and Joey my wife
For all our years you were and are my life
In a hundred years when we depart
In heaven another love we will start
My love for you is plain to see
Your my love happy anniversary

My Wife Joey and Mother Poem

My Wife Joey and Mother
by Michael A Gelb

Mothers are a gift from the heavens above
All through life they share their love
Mothers are the greatest creation
They are what they are and need no explanation
From that first day starts a new life of love and joy
They do anything to protect their baby girl or boy
They walk around as proud as can be
They want to shout look I have a life inside of me
Bigger and bigger she gets as time goes by
Some suffer from pain and they cry
There love is so strong that they can bear the pain
They suffer and pray that it all was not in vain
The greatest day on earth has come
With some pain and pushing you are now a mom
You have suffered a lot and sometimes cried
But now it is over and with a baby at your side
Now the easy part is over and your baby is here to stay
You become a doctor a lawyer different people everyday
You protect and raise them through the years
With love joy and even some tears
Now their grown and its time for them to leave
You think back over the years while you grieve
Even thou they are gone and hardly call you
They may not write but they do love you
Mothers belong on a pedestal with the word rare
From the first day till the last they always care
Mothers are and will always be
The greatest any world will ever see
When it is time to go to heavens place
She is sent back to earth wearing a new face
Over and over a mother they be
To give love to their new baby
Back and forth from heaven to earth
With love and joy and giving birth
Mothers are not one of a kind
They are all the same with love in mind
With love in there heart from heaven they come
Before you move on let me say I love you mom