Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When The Light Goes Out

When The Light Goes Out
By Joeysguy

Lighting a candle helps me to see more

I see things I didn’t see before

Just little things that I couldn’t see

Some now have meaning to me

In the stillness of air, why does the flame flicker

It moves from side to side and looks bigger

I can feel the warmth of the candle and see it glow

As the wax melts the flame would grow

When day ends and night falls

The candles shadow is on the walls

I light the candles for my wife

Another way of honoring our life

My wife’s pictures would shimmer and shine

In my mind to me she is still mine

The candle flames can be very bright

To me the flame dances when I look at the light

That dancing light is what I see

I want to think that it’s dancing for me

I will be with my wife, I have no doubt

One day when the light goes out