Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Letter to my Wife, Dear Joey

A Letter to my Wife, Dear Joey

By Joeysguy

I lived with my mother for part of my life

Then I married and you became my wife

We both repeated the words I do

My promise to always love you

With the wedding band and saying I Do

My heart and soul I gave to you

On the finger of your left hand

You wore a white gold band

I would trade all my future days

For just one more chance of our yesterdays

My love now for you feels like so much more

I’m sorry I didn’t know it before

Looking at your pictures your beautiful face

All those loving words that I misplaced

For many years I knew what life was to be

Now I don’t, since its only me

I’m getting older and have a fear

That I may forget for whom I care

Our 51st anniversary is coming soon

Look for a note inside the balloon

I loved you then, I love you now, I’ll love you tomorrow

I write this with tears and sorrow

Till the end of days

With Love always


It's in the Eyes

It’s in the Eyes

By Joeysguy

We can see different feelings in someone’s eyes

The pain and tears when a loved one dies

What’s to follow

Is sadness and sorrow

Not far behind are the fears

To go on alone for the following years

It takes time before we see happy eyes

A smile or laugh could be the mouth lies