Wednesday, February 1, 2012


By Michael A Gelb

My mind knows how long my wife’s been away
In my heart it feels like just a day

The meaning of closure to me
Is closing the door behind my wife and me

At night when I go to bed
I have thoughts in my head

If after I turn off the light
I should pass during the night

If I should pass during the day
The same words I would say

I wish it’s my wife that I see
Looking at me

I’ll be happy and calm
When she takes me by the arm

We’ll go off together
This time it will be forever


By Michael A Gelb

When we come to a meeting
We are welcomed with a warm greeting

We come together because of a loss and pain
At our meetings, always something to gain

We try to help a friend
With hope and talks right to the end

This is a place you may see tears
We all have those fears

Where here to help our heart and our mind
All the people here are so kind

We talk about our loves, the good and bad
Sometimes we may get very sad

We listen to what someone would say
Someone may cry and that’s okay

One of our own had started a group, BSG
Bereavement Social Group come and see

Life is to live and then we die
It’s those in betweens that can make us cry