Friday, November 29, 2013

So Close, So Far

So Close, So Far
By Joeysguy

So close is a husband and wife

Closer than most things in life

I gave the rest of my heart away

Given to her on our wedding day

From the day she became my bride

All the years we were side by side

The beauty that I had in my life

It was in the face of my wife

She’s in my heart and in my head

But no longer shares my bed

In those times when I would cry

Thoughts of her is the reason why

She’s always been the strength in my life

So much love I have for my wife

We took an oath as husband and wife

With death, it’s now in stone for all of life

She was as close as someone can be

Now in heaven she is so far from me

She’s still my girl, and will always be

For the love of her that I feel inside me









Monday, November 18, 2013

The Honey To Do List
By joeys guy

Honey here is your to do list

It was written after that first time we kissed

I know you are that special one

Who would follow the list till it’s done

Follow the list in it’s order

Do not change, do not alter

The first thing you will do

Is to ask me to marry you

You will love me as I love you

With the promise of a love that’s true

You will give me children, maybe two

I know we will be loved by you

Be a good husband to your wife

You will keep us together for life

If I should be the first to die

Make it short if you do cry

Go on with the rest of your life

Remember me as your wife

With a new honey to do list I’m waiting here

Don’t hurry, I love you dear

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Angels Around Us

Angels Around Us
By Joeysguy

My first Angel was small and bright

She did glow with her very own light

She stood on the top of our Christmas tree

Placed up there by my wife or me

My wife gave birth to our little three

Like little Angels they looked to me

      Those little Angels they mean so much

Just holding them and feeling their touch

         I feel an Angel is watching over my life

I believe it to be the spirit of my wife

She watches over me when I’m a sleep in bed

I have felt her hand on my back or my head

I believe Heavens Angels are always here

We may not know when they come near

Some of the Angels come to take us away

Because of sickness or age someone might say

When our life comes to an end

It’s an Angel that Heaven will send









Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Holding Back A Tear

Holding Back A Tear
By Joeysguy
At the bereavement group that I attend
It’s a place we don’t have to pretend
We hear stories of emotion and pain
Pretending here has nothing to gain
People come here in a sad way
Because of a life that had slipped away
Some people sit here with tears in their eyes
We all know that pain of when a love dies
With the stories that we hear
It’s hard to hold back a tear
Everyone here has lost a love
Taken from us to the heaven above
It’s always hard to keep a dry eye
Being here any of us may cry
We heard of a rock giving strength in ones life
For me it’s this group and the poems to my wife
The feeling of normal was asked of me
That normal in my life will never again be
People outside can act different as we know
We may hold back our feelings so as not to show
So this is the place we can be true
To ourselves and to each of you

Friday, July 26, 2013

Which Way to Heaven

Which Way to Heaven
By Joeysguy

My wife accepted the little that we had

Even those times that were really bad

She raised our kids, cats, dogs and also me

So as my hero it’s my wife I see

She would do things that made her strain

But she kept quiet about some of her pain

We were together for many years

Now alone I try to hold back the tears

Some days are harder to move on

So much is missing, so much is gone

With love for my wife I would always stare

Now it’s only pictures that I have here

I find myself rubbing some pictures with my hand

Wishing, just wishing to feel her hand

Thinking about the rest of my life

Which way to heaven and my wife

I wish I could hear my wife say

I’m here, take my hand heaven is this way



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Magic in Ones Life
By joeys guy

I believe people have some magic in their life

Mine started with meeting my wife

I would feel it just by her touching me

I felt how much more that we could be

That magic from my wife

Bringing three children into my life

I could see magic just looking into their eyes

So open and bright and full of surprise

Magic could be the day when they first crawl

Such amazement when they are so small

Magic can be when they try to talk

Or that stumble when trying to walk

Looking at pictures of what I had

Still a husband and father but sad

My wife’s loss was tragic

I lost her with her magic

If I could bring my wife’s magic to light

I would bring her into my dreams every night

Life does not have a happily ever after

I believe it’s in the life after

Everything I felt in her kiss

The magic through my body I miss

The feelings I use to feel

Looking back the magic was real

I don’t see much to the rest of my life

I lost something precious, my wife

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is It Crazy

Is it Crazy
By Joeysguy

Sounds in my house that I hear

I relate some to my wife being here

I have pictures all around the house

Everywhere pictures of my spouse

I think of my wife still being here

Like saying I’m sorry or excuse me dear

So much is different in my life

I lost the normal when losing my wife

I’ll sit and pound my heels on the floor

Sometimes till a foot is sore

Sometimes I’ll take a drink

It helps me to relax and think

Thinking about everything I had

My life feels hopeless and sad

Some nights I think when I go to bed

Will I wake in the morning or will I be dead

As crazy as it may seem

Sometimes I may let out a scream

When leaving home I say, see you later to my souse

I’ll say I’m home when I enter the house

I know some things are crazy that I do

I don’t want to write it and tell you

This poem could be very long

Then people would know I’m really a dingdong








Monday, May 6, 2013

My Last Balloon

My Last Balloon

By Joeysguy

On special days I fly a balloon to my wife

Who is no longer here in the physical life

I release them during the morning light

I can watch them go out of sight

The balloons go up and away

Taking a path that I will take someday

I write messages on the balloons

Sometimes I put a note in the balloons

Before releasing them I give them a kiss

Till my last balloon, I will keep doing this

Each balloon carries a little extra part

They carry a piece from my heart

For me this is one way of keeping something together

So I can be with her forever

A little piece of my heart in each balloon

With my life’s end to follow soon

On a special day that would be my goal

If my last balloon was my soul



Monday, April 22, 2013

Old School

Old School
By joeys guy

I remember lessons from the old school

It was a code an unwritten rule

As a male I would get to my feet

To give the elderly or a woman the seat

When taking a girl out for a day

As the guy I would always pay

Music was understood and had meaning

A lot of songs today sounds like screaming

Entertainers wore costumes or dressed in clothes

Today so much body they expose

You didn’t always have to lock doors

No fences had to protect stores

As a young kid I played outside

Strangers didn’t bother us, we didn’t have to hide

We would hangout till late hours of night

When older we hung out even till daylight

Women could sit outside late and talk

It was safe to take a late night walk

Any time was safe to go stroll in the park

Try doing that now in the dark

People now wear pants down almost to the knees

It’s ugly, pick them up please

What happened to those good old days

Time passes and kids go through a craze


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Empty Places

Empty Places
By Joeysguy

For many years I lived in a full house

Between kids, dogs, and my spouse

My wife and dogs are now gone

My kids have all moved on

I didn’t think I would ever lose my wife

Never thought about emptiness in my life

In the closets are empty hangers that I see

They can bring out the sadness that’s in me

Those hangers held the clothes of my wife

The clothes given away, now in someone else’s life

In restaurants I wait to be seated

Then the number one is repeated

In the seats across from me

Is the empty space that I see

One empty side of the bed

The pillow still there that held her head

The smallest thing with the largest space

It’s my heart the most empty place


By Joeysguy

As a young boy I was built like a ball

Then at age 16 I grew to over 6 foot tall

Never finishing high school, I went to work

To help my mother, I worked as a clerk

I met the girl who would be in my life

Kiss me, love me and be my wife

From that first day that I lost my wife

It’s taken so much from my life

Some of my poems might be a little long

Some words I might have spelled wrong

I don’t think of myself as a poet

I don’t understand poems, I know it

Reading a poem and trying to understand

It’s hard for me, it’s much a demand

My poems come from my head and my heart

The love for my wife does stand apart

I read and post my poems for people to see

To tell of the feelings that are in me

My poems are fact and true

I appreciate your listening and I thank you







Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Letter to my Wife, Dear Joey

A Letter to my Wife, Dear Joey

By Joeysguy

I lived with my mother for part of my life

Then I married and you became my wife

We both repeated the words I do

My promise to always love you

With the wedding band and saying I Do

My heart and soul I gave to you

On the finger of your left hand

You wore a white gold band

I would trade all my future days

For just one more chance of our yesterdays

My love now for you feels like so much more

I’m sorry I didn’t know it before

Looking at your pictures your beautiful face

All those loving words that I misplaced

For many years I knew what life was to be

Now I don’t, since its only me

I’m getting older and have a fear

That I may forget for whom I care

Our 51st anniversary is coming soon

Look for a note inside the balloon

I loved you then, I love you now, I’ll love you tomorrow

I write this with tears and sorrow

Till the end of days

With Love always


It's in the Eyes

It’s in the Eyes

By Joeysguy

We can see different feelings in someone’s eyes

The pain and tears when a loved one dies

What’s to follow

Is sadness and sorrow

Not far behind are the fears

To go on alone for the following years

It takes time before we see happy eyes

A smile or laugh could be the mouth lies