Wednesday, June 20, 2012



By Michael A Gelb

That day when my wife passed out on the floor
I didn’t know the feelings I would endure

My wife laying unconscious, not a moan
I called for help yelling on the phone

I feel guilt that I may have failed my wife
I probably could have done more in her life

When I gave her clothing away
That was a hard and painful day

Over 46 years of wearing my wedding band
It was so hard to remove it from my hand

Both rings together on the same chain
Hanging from my neck doesn’t ease the pain

The rings were a symbol of love and a married life
Now the finger shows no visible marks of a marriage to my wife

I fear the loss of memory someday
Keeping my wife’s memory is something I pray

All the years of the life we built
Now in my thoughts I feel some guilt

I’ll always feel guilt of that last day
Could I have done more, I can’t say

The pain and guilt that I feel
That is something that will never heal

Every night I lay in bed
I face the pillow that use to hold my wife’s head

All my days and the tomorrows
They all end with sorrows

I wish my wife would stop watching over me
And just let my sleep disorder take me