Tuesday, July 18, 2017


by Joeysguy

It was many years ago

I happened to be at a casino

After awhile I sat in a card game

The casino dealer never said his name

The dealer said these cards were of my future life

He dealt me a jack, and a queen that represented a wife

He dealt three more cards from the pack

They were two more queens and a second jack

I've dealt you a good hand, the dealer said

That's what you'll have after your wed

The five cards totaled to a full house

The three kids will be born to you and your spouse

Place them all in your heart

You'll have love from the start

It all came true long after that game

I found out that Heaven was that casinos name

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Believing in Santa

Believing in Santa

By Joeysguy

At home it was just my mother and me

When I was a child we had a Christmas tree

That tree was about two feet tall

It was on top of the fridge against the wall

Mom would say, you have to be a good boy

And Santa would leave you a new toy

Christmas Eve he would come but then disappear

And he wouldn’t come again till the following year

I found out why there was only one toy for me

Because my mom didn’t have much money

As a child there were things I never knew

I found out about Santa not being true

Having a family with kids and a wife

Again Santa was back in my life

Telling my kids go to bed and turn down the light

If you want Santa to come tonight

Even our dogs got a toy and a treat

It would be a ball and something to eat

My wife and I were able to give the kids more

Some from Santa, most from a store

It’s been years since Santa came by

The kids grew up and my dogs did die

I haven’t had a Christmas tree in my house

Since the year that I lost my spouse

When I’m older and in my second childhood

Santa will come if I’m good

I’m asking only for my wife

To be with me for the little time left of my life

I'ts Just A Band-Aid

It’s Just A Band-Aid 

By Joeysguy

When I was small my mother had some tricks

She would say the band-aid was a quick fix

Using a band-aid to cover a scrape or cut

Keeping out the dirt and any smut

Some places I have trouble putting a band-aid on 

It’s only me, my wife is gone                                    

Recently a wasp had stung me

Confused, I looked to my wife to help me

I then remembered she is not here

Not sure of what to do gave me a little scare

I can put a band-aid on anywhere in front of me

I can’t put it on my back a place I can’t see

My wife wanted a band-aid on my mouth

Even my daughters say I have a bigmouth

I wish my mom taught me her tricks

I would swallow a band-aid, my heart needs a fix

My Empty Eyes

My Empty Eyes

By Joeysguy

Years back living in a full house

With kids, dogs and a spouse

One daughter even had white rats

My other daughter with her cats

You had to be careful so as not to fall

All over would be toys, maybe a ball

At times I would help to put the kids to bed at night

Giving them a kiss before turning down the light

I would stand the kids against the wall

Placing marks to show them getting tall 

The kids were getting older and will move out one day

That day came and they did move away

It became hard for my wife to walk or stand

It would help when I would take her hand

One day my wife had passed on

My last two pets are also gone

I never thought I would lose my spouse

Now it’s emptiness that fills my house

Each time I enter a room

They are filled with gloom

Empty is a space in the bed we did share

Empty at the kitchen table is her chair

We were bound together by the words, I do

With wedding bands and saying I love you

My eyes are empty and I can’t see

I can’t see my wife in front of me

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

All I'm Worth

All I’m Worth 

By Joeysguy

Way back when on the day of my birth

I was born to parents of no worth

Over the years my worth had grown

It wasn’t anything that I did own

It was my greatest of value and  it’s worth

That was my wife and her giving birth

Being pregnant made my wife glow

With each pregnancy my worth did grow

My wife gave birth to two daughters and a son

After those three she was done

I’ll never lose any of my worth

In the future my grandchildren giving birth

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sounds of Water

Sounds of Water

By Joeysguy

My wife liked the sounds of running water

Running off the rocks into still water

So I built her a pond in the backyard

Digging up the dirt to discard

With the rocks piled all around

A waterfall on top of the mound

I guess from the waterfalls sound

A frog would always come around

My wife would clean the pond from slime

Leaves and dirt all the time 

Silence is so Loud

Silence is so loud

By Joeysguy

As a child a grownup would say

Silence is golden

And I should go off and play

Now as an adult in my life

Silence is so loud

Since I lost my wife