Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Kiss

The Kiss
By Joeysguy
Meeting for the first time under the moonlight
I leaned over and kissed her on that summer night

That kiss was in a loving way
It led to us seeing each other every day

That was how our feelings were started
I went into the relationship wholehearted

Skipping past the years that have gone by
To a time of now that brings a tear from my eye 

I saw her when I looked through the door
She was passed out on the bathroom floor

I grabbed the phone and called nine one one
The operator told me what must be done

I was giving her mouth to mouth with my breath 
Trying to revive her and hoping to keep her from death

The ambulance came and took her away
At the hospital she died that very day

I was with her as she laid on the table
I was broken and very unstable

It was so hard leaving her and walking away
The last kiss, I think it was that day