Saturday, December 10, 2016

Believing in Santa

Believing in Santa

By Joeysguy

At home it was just my mother and me

When I was a child we had a Christmas tree

That tree was about two feet tall

It was on top of the fridge against the wall

Mom would say, you have to be a good boy

And Santa would leave you a new toy

Christmas Eve he would come but then disappear

And he wouldn’t come again till the following year

I found out why there was only one toy for me

Because my mom didn’t have much money

As a child there were things I never knew

I found out about Santa not being true

Having a family with kids and a wife

Again Santa was back in my life

Telling my kids go to bed and turn down the light

If you want Santa to come tonight

Even our dogs got a toy and a treat

It would be a ball and something to eat

My wife and I were able to give the kids more

Some from Santa, most from a store

It’s been years since Santa came by

The kids grew up and my dogs did die

I haven’t had a Christmas tree in my house

Since the year that I lost my spouse

When I’m older and in my second childhood

Santa will come if I’m good

I’m asking only for my wife

To be with me for the little time left of my life

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