Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Empty Eyes

My Empty Eyes

By Joeysguy

Years back living in a full house

With kids, dogs and a spouse

One daughter even had white rats

My other daughter with her cats

You had to be careful so as not to fall

All over would be toys, maybe a ball

At times I would help to put the kids to bed at night

Giving them a kiss before turning down the light

I would stand the kids against the wall

Placing marks to show them getting tall 

The kids were getting older and will move out one day

That day came and they did move away

It became hard for my wife to walk or stand

It would help when I would take her hand

One day my wife had passed on

My last two pets are also gone

I never thought I would lose my spouse

Now it’s emptiness that fills my house

Each time I enter a room

They are filled with gloom

Empty is a space in the bed we did share

Empty at the kitchen table is her chair

We were bound together by the words, I do

With wedding bands and saying I love you

My eyes are empty and I can’t see

I can’t see my wife in front of me

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