Saturday, December 10, 2016

I'ts Just A Band-Aid

It’s Just A Band-Aid 

By Joeysguy

When I was small my mother had some tricks

She would say the band-aid was a quick fix

Using a band-aid to cover a scrape or cut

Keeping out the dirt and any smut

Some places I have trouble putting a band-aid on 

It’s only me, my wife is gone                                    

Recently a wasp had stung me

Confused, I looked to my wife to help me

I then remembered she is not here

Not sure of what to do gave me a little scare

I can put a band-aid on anywhere in front of me

I can’t put it on my back a place I can’t see

My wife wanted a band-aid on my mouth

Even my daughters say I have a bigmouth

I wish my mom taught me her tricks

I would swallow a band-aid, my heart needs a fix

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